How to care for Jade plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 18 2021

How to care for Jade plant

Crassula ovata, commonly known as jade plant, lucky plant, money plant or money tree, is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers that is native to the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa, and Mozambique; it is common as a houseplant worldwide. How to care for a jade plant if its leaves softening and how to care for jade plants if it has diseases and pests? The following are some caring tips for jade plants.

 jade plant
Jade plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

How to care for jade plant leaf softening

This Jade plant has tender leaves. If it is caused by insufficient water, it should be watered in time to replenish water. If the fertilizer is caused by too much, we need to water it to dilute its fertility. If the soil is not suitable, we need to replace the soil for the Jade plant in time. Management should be strengthened for later maintenance. Adequate light and fertilizer should be provided to Jade plants.

This Jade plant is very dry and waterlogged. However, it needs to be well watered during its growth. During growing, the leaves of the Jade plant became soft, possibly due to insufficient water. If this plant is short of water, it should be watered in time to replenish water. After growing, it should be watered properly to keep the soil moist.

During the growth of the Jade plant, the requirements for fertilizer are not high, you should apply appropriate amounts of fertilizer. The leaves of this Jade plant are tender. It may also be caused by too much fertilizer application. During curing, if you fertilize a Jade plant too much, you need to water it, which will dilute the fertility. If the fertility is high, you can replace the soil for the Jade plant.

During its growth, a Jade plant needs loose, breathable and well drained soil. During growing, the soil becomes rigid or sticky. Jade plants have poor root growth and leaves will become soft. If the soil is not suitable, you can replace the soil, use loose and breathable soil for cultivation.

During the growth of Jade plants, proper maintenance should be carried out according to their growth habits to enable them to grow healthily. Jade plant prefers a well-ventilated environment. Keep Jade plants indoors. Always open windows to keep indoor air circulation. This Jade plant is light-loving and can be moved outdoors during its growth. It is conducive to the growth of foliage.

The Jade plant will turn yellow when the light is sufficient. During the curing period, it can be placed in an outdoor environment with good light. The Jade plant will be in good condition. Note that the Jade plant is not resistant to strong light and high temperature during maintenance. During summer, when the Jade plant is dormant, it should be moved to a cool and ventilated indoor environment for curing. Avoid direct glare.

 jade plant
Jade Plant - Most Common House Plant

How to care for jade plants if it has diseases and pests

The peak season of succulent Jade plants is spring and autumn. During the growth period, it is easy to be invaded by insects and diseases. Common pests and diseases include scale insects and red spider mites. During maintenance, it is necessary to strengthen management to avoid infestation of Jade plants by pests. Give the Jade plant plenty of light, water and fertilizer to grow during its growth.

Under conditions of light, water and nutrients, the Jade plant can grow healthily and improve its resistance to pests and diseases. Do not over-water or fertilize Jade plants during maintenance to avoid root rot. With reasonable maintenance and suitable growing environment, Jade plant can grow better and is not easily affected by diseases and insects.

Spray this plant on a regular basis during its growth to prevent pests and diseases. During the growing period, Jade plants can be sprayed with carbendazim once in about 20 ~ 30 days. Carbendazim has a strong bactericidal effect, which can avoid the infestation of diseases and insects in Jade plants and is conducive to the growth of its branches and leaves.

During the maintenance, if the Jade plant is harmed by scale insects or starworms, it is necessary to cut off the insect leaves and burn the leaves. If you have scale insects, you can spray the Jade plant with carbapenem, dimethoxide or chlorothalonil. For Starbuck, spray the Jade plant beta mite clearing, beta mite or beta mite showing.

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