What Is The Best Soil For Jade Plant?

Written by Ivy

Jan 12 2022

What Is The Best Soil For Jade Plant?
For the soil of jade plant, we can use weak acid soil with good drainage capacity, air permeability and high nutrient content. Jade Plant loves loose, rocky soil that is well-draining. Jade plant is a kind of green plant that is easy to cultivate and manage. Jade plant is also a plant that is easy to reproduce and can survive by cutting. Cut a vigorous branch and plant it directly in the basin. It can take root in about a month. Before we plant jade plant, we can select fertile, humus rich and smooth drainage soil suitable for the growth of jade plant. Generally, we can use rotten leaf soil, sand and garden soil as the soil of jade plant.

Soil Requirements For Jade Plant

Jade plant doesn't have high requirements for flower soil. Any soil with good drainage and air permeability can be used to plant Jade plant. However, when family farming, you can select some flower soil with relatively high nutrient content and weak acid on this basis. Because this flower soil can provide more nutrients to the plant and help it grow better.
What Is The Best Soil For Jade Plant

Soil Preparation Method of Jade Plant

  1. We can mix two parts of rotten leaf soil, two parts of garden soil, three parts of coarse sand and one part of limestone gravel to form flower soil before propagating Jade plant. Rotten leaf soil has a lot of nutrients and is weakly acidic. After adding coarse sand and limestone gravel, the air permeability will become better, so it is very suitable for taking care of it.
  2. Flower soil made by mixing rotten leaf soil, garden soil, coarse sand, bone meal and plant ash in the ratio of 3:3:3:1:1. This kind of soil is troublesome, but it has comprehensive and sufficient nutrients, and has good drainage capacity and air permeability, so it is very suitable for taking care of it.
  3. Garden soil can also be directly used for the soil of jade plant. This kind of soil is very convenient to obtain, and has certain water permeability and exhaust capacity, which can meet its basic growth needs. However, its nutrient content is less. If conditions permit, we can use the above two kinds of flower soil to plant it.

How to Judge the Soil State of Jade Plant?

Before we put a basin on jade plant, we can spray the prepared soil with a kettle. After spraying water, hold the soil with your hand, and no water will drop out. However, after opening the hand, the originally held soil is easy to loosen. This soil has met the requirements of moist soil. Jade plant likes sunny, dry and warm environment, drought resistance and cold resistance. The optimum growth temperature is 15-30 ℃. The best wintering temperature in winter is more than 10 degrees. We can use loose, breathable and fertile sandy weak acid soil.
Jade plant's requirements for soil are not very strict. It can be planted alive with ordinary soil. Jade plant prefers fertilizer. During the growth period, it needs to apply fertilizer 2 to 3 times a month to keep sufficient fertilizer in the soil. When changing pots in spring, enough base fertilizer should be applied to the soil so that jade plant can grow more beautiful. Jade plant is a kind of succulent plant that is easy to survive. Sometimes you don't need to buy it. As long as a leaf and a branch are cutted in the soil for a year, you can become your favorite jade plant.