How to grow Crassula portulacea cv

Written by Maggie

Nov 30 2020

How to grow Crassula portulacea cv

For curing Crassula Portulacea CV, loose and fertile soil should be selected and sufficient light should be ensured every day. However, due to the rising temperature in summer, more water is needed and shade protection should be done. If the temperature drops in winter, the Crassula Portulacea CV can be moved to the room for curing to avoid cold damage and control the temperature above 5℃.

Crassula Portulacea CV

1. Soil Care for crassula portulacea CV

Crassula Portulacea CV has strong adaptability and does not require much on the soil. The growth of Crassula portulacea CV can be satisfied only by selecting loose and fertile soil. Small stones can be added to the surface of the soil to make the soil more breathable, which can drain away water and prevent the accumulation of water and root rot.

2. Light Care for crassula portulacea CV

Crassula portulacea CV is a love of a sunny environment, and we need to ensure every day adequate sun exposure, to promote the growth of meaty. In summer, the light is strong, so appropriate shade protection should be done. Direct sunlight will cause sunburn on the leaf of Crassula Portulacea CV, which can be placed in a bright place indoors for astigmatism.

Crassula Portulacea CV

3. Water Care for Crassula Portulacea CV

Crassula Portulacea CV grows rapidly and requires a lot of water in the bloom period. When the temperature is high, it can be watered more to ensure the moisture of the soil. Each watering should wait until the soil becomes dry before watering, watering should be thoroughly, do not directly water the branches and leaves.

4. Temperature Care for Crassula Portulacea CV

The Crassula Portulacea CV loves warm conditions, but when summer temperatures rise and exceed 35 ° C, the Crassula Portulacea CV stops growing. In winter, when the temperature is lower than 5℃, Crassula Portulacea CV will get frostbite, so it needs to be moved to the room for heating and curing, and at the same time, watering should be reduced.

Crassula Portulacea CV