How To Save A Leggy Jade Plant?

Written by Ivy

May 09 2022

How To Save A Leggy Jade Plant?
Now many people maintain jade plant as indoor potted foliage plants. In fact, they are particularly easy to grow succulent plants. The biggest feature is their thick leaves, which can keep green all year round, even if they are planted indoors.
However, many people will find that when the potted jade plant is kept indoors, its branches and leaves are easy to become leggy. These leggy jade plants grow ugly. The biggest feature of leggy plants is that the gap between branches and leaves continues to grow, and the leaves grow more and more delicate. The leaves change from dark green or dark green to green. The branches continue to grow, but they look very thin, The branches will hang down after they grow long. If leggy has appeared in the potted jade plant, we can only cut off the part of leggy and gradually increase the light, so that the new buds and leaves will remain healthy and compact.

How To Treat A Leggy Jade Plant

Provide Supplemental Light With A Grow Light

Plants lacking light in nature are easy to become leggy, which triggers the natural resistance of plants. The branches of these plants will extend to places with sunlight. In places with insufficient light, the branches of jade plant will look leggy, not only the leaf color will become leggy, but also the color of the whole plant will become leggy. (Read more about Jade Plant light requirement.)
Insufficient light will not only lead to leggy of jade plant, but also lead to yellowing of leaves, easy to infect bacteria, and lead to branch and leaf rot in serious cases. We can change the environment for the potted jade plant, that is, we should slowly increase the light and increase the light at regular intervals. Let jade plant slowly adapt to the environment with more sunshine.
If the potted jade plant must be kept indoors or in a place with excessive shade, it can be kept by the windowsill to keep proper scattered light every day, and pay attention to regular rotary table to ensure uniform plant growth.
If there is no sunlight, add as much light as possible. Place it close to the light source. There are more than 8 hours of light every day. These potted jade plants can also maintain the compact shape of plants.
How To Save A Leggy Jade Plant

Pruning And Propagation

When leggy occurs in the maintained potted jade plant, we should prepare sharp scissors, pay attention to disinfection in advance, cut off the leggy part directly, and put it in a ventilated and shaded place to dry the wound, avoid water on the incision, gradually increase the light, pay attention not to expose to the sun at once, and do not move from the shaded place to a place with sufficient light at once, Otherwise, the branches and leaves of jade plant will be sunburned, and the plant will wither in serious cases.
After jade plant getting leggy, the branches will be too long, become thin and weak, and grow poorly, which will also affect the normal growth. After jade plant leggy is found, the branches that grow too long shall be trimmed, the too long branches shall be cut off, and then divided into several stem segments to ensure that there are growth points on each stem segment. After segmentation, they shall be placed in a cool place for drying. These cut branches do not need to be thrown away. They can be directly used for cutting propagation and planting new plants.
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Control The Humid Around The Jade Plant

In order to avoid indoor maintenance of leggy, a potted plant of jade plant, we should not only increase the light intensity, but also pay attention to reducing humidity and avoiding frequent water supply. The potted jade plant maintained indoors should keep the soil slightly dry all year round. Don't rush to water the potted plant until the potted soil is completely dry.
In addition, we should also pay attention to controlling the humidity of the surrounding air to avoid excessive humidity. Usually, we should not spray water on the leaves of jade plant. We should also pay attention to controlling the watering frequency. Generally, the potted jade plant raised indoors only needs to keep the basin soil dry and watered thoroughly during the growth period in spring and summer. When the weather turns cold in late autumn, it is necessary to wait for the soil to dry for a period of time before adding water to it.

How To Prevent A Leggy Jade Plant


Jade plant needs a lot of sunlight for its growth. If the light is insufficient, it will affect its normal growth and lead to leggy's problem. If leggy is caused by this reason, we should move jade plant to a place with good light to see more light to ensure good lighting conditions and promote plant recovery.


Proper watering is required for the growth of jade plant. Once too much watering is done, it will also lead to rapid growth of branches in the initial stage, resulting in the situation of plant leggy. Be sure to control the watering and maintain the water volume. Don't water too much.


We should reasonably apply fertilizer to jade plant during its growth period. Once too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, it will also cause leggy. We need to control the fertilization and remember not to apply concentrated fertilizer.