How to Propagate Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 30 2023

How to Propagate Hong Kong Orchid Tree

All kinds of flower knowledge is most concerned about the topic of flower friends. Today we will introduce a topic that we are more concerned about: the propagation methods of the Hong Kong orchid tree.

Hong Kong orchid tree

Propagate Hong Kong Orchid Tree From Cutting

The best time to apply Cutting propagation method of the Hong Kong orchid tree is in the spring, probably best in March or April. Choose strong branches first. The branches should have 3-4 joints. Peel the leaves off the lower part of the branch. Just keep the top part.

Insert it into the prepared soil.And pour it through. Cover it with a film. It is best to keep the temperature at about 18-25℃. It will take about 15 days for it to take root.
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Grafting Propagation Method

Stock selection is important by grafting. Generally, white sheep hoof nails can be used as rootstock. Grafting propagation is best done between April and May or August and September. Because at this time it is in the seedling germination stage. It can greatly increase the survival rate. Bud grafting is the grafting of part of the bud branch.

The propagation methods of hong kong orchid trees are mainly cutting and grafting propagation. We have briefly introduced these propagation methods above all, hoping to be helpful to you. (Read More: Hong Kong Orchid Tree Problems)

Hong Kong orchid tree

How to Care for Hong Kong Orchid Tree After Propagation

After giving the rooting medium a little water, cover the tray with a clear plastic wrap. Placing the tray somewhere with bottom heat and filtered sunlight is advised. If light is available all day, a refrigerator's top functions well. If there isn't bottom heat available, set the tray on a germination heating mat.

Every day, check the rooting medium's moisture level and introduce fresh air by opening the rooting tray. To maintain a moist and humid atmosphere, mist the cuttings and medium frequently. (Read More: How to Grow and Care for Hong Kong Orchid Tree)

Gently pull on the cuttings after three to four weeks to see if there is resistance from root growth. As soon as roots appear, remove the plastic covering.

  • Place a clear plastic cover over the tray and lightly mist the rooting medium.
  • Open the rooting tray every day to let fresh air in and check the moisture level of the rooting medium.

Put rooted cuttings in separate growing pots with sterile potting soil. The cuttings should be grown further until the roots are well-established and robust enough to be planted outdoors.


You can take cuttings of the hong kong orchid tree in the early morning when it is cooler in order to propagate the plant. Use a solution of nine parts water to one part bleach to sterilize pruning tools. Before using, thoroughly rinse and dry the tools. If the cuttings won't be placed in rooting medium right away, put them in the refrigerator.