How to Grow and Care for Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 30 2023

How to Grow and Care for Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree is native to China and many people now plant it in their homes. So how to grow Hong Kong Orchid Tree? Generally, we take the seeds and sow them. After the fruit is ripe, take off, dry, and then choose sandy soil to sow, after proper watering, only need to wait about 10 days to germinate. Then how to care for the Hong Kong Orchid Tree when we grow it? Let's look together.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Growing Steps of Hong Kong Orchid Tree  

1. Handle Seeds

Hong Kong Orchid trees have a long flowering period, bloom in summer and bear fruit in autumn and winter. Therefore, when selecting the seeds of hong kong orchid Tree, it is generally recommended to select the fruits, remove the skins, place them in a cool place and dry them naturally until sowing in the next spring.

2. Choose the Soil

When it comes to growing hong kong orchid tree seeds, the most important thing is the soil. Sand soil is a rich and fertile soil with good air permeability, which can promote nutrient absorption of Hong Kong Orchid trees.

3. Water Moderately

After spreading the Hong Kong Orchid Tree seeds evenly into the soil, use a watering can to allow the water to spray evenly, not too much, and leave the soil to maintain a basic level of moisture. After doing this, it will germinate for about 10 days.
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Hong Kong Orchid Tree

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Hong Kong Orchid Tree Care

1. Pull Out the Remaining Seedlings

When the seeds develop into seedlings, you can choose the wet weather after the rain, when the soil is soft, directly pull out the densely planted, poor nutrition of the remaining seedlings, and retain the high quality of the remaining seedlings.

2. Reasonable Fertilizing Care

Summer is the fastest growing period of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree. At this time, seedlings are in urgent need of nutrients. Fertilization can be increased in June and nitrogen fertilizer and compound fertilizer can be used twice a month to provide nutrients for the growth of Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

3. Appropriate Watering Care

Water the plants about once every 10 days in the spring. The summer temperature is too high, the soil moisture evaporation is too fast, and it must be irrigated with water. Autumn is the flowering season of Hong Kong Orchid Tree, and there should not be too much water. Water every 15 days once. Sufficient antifreeze water must be watered in winter. Usually pay more attention to observe the moisture degree of the soil, timely watering, to prevent dead seedlings.

Conclusion: Through the above methods, we believe that everyone's Hong Kong Orchid Tree seeds will grow rapidly. After the Hong Kong Orchid Tree has passed the seedling stage, we can carry out normal maintenance. If Hong Kong Orchid Trees are in bloom, cut them off. (Read More: Hong Kong Orchid Tree Problems)

Hong Kong Orchid Tree