Hong Kong Orchid Tree Profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 30 2023

Hong Kong Orchid Tree Profile

Hong Kong Orchid Tree, scientific name Bauhinia blakeana,  is originally a species from China and appears in the central and southern parts of China. So far, the Hong Kong Orchid Tree has been planted in Sri Lanka, Indo-China Peninsula and India. The growing environment of Hong Kong Orchid Tree is warm and sunny, and it grows quickly in a humid environment. However, one thing we should pay attention to is that the Hong Kong Orchid Tree is not cold tolerant and will die quickly in a cold environment. Here is a detailed introduction of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree Picture

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Morphological Characteristics of Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Trees are deciduous shrubs or small trees, 2-4m tall. The branches are thick with branches. Leaves are alternate, whole, palmately vein, petiole, stipule small, caducous. Flowers are fascicled or racemose on old stems, opening before or at the same time as leaves; Calyx is broadly campanulate; hong kong orchid tree has 5 cracked teeth, curved teeth tip blunt or round; Flowers are bilaterally symmetrical, the upper 3 petals smaller; hong kong orchid Tree has 10 stamens, separated; The ovary has a stalk.

Pod is flat, long and narrow elliptic, along the abdominal suture with narrow wings; Seeds are flat, several. Bauhinia redbud is deciduous tree, after cultivation often becomes shrub shape. Leaves are alternate, suborbicular, apex acute, base cordate, 6 -- 14 cm long, 5 -- 14 cm wide, glabrous on both sides. Flowers open before leaves, 4-10 in clusters on old branches

Hong Kong Orchid Tree has 2 bracteoles, broadly ovate;Flowers are rose red, 1.5-1.3 cm long. Floret pedicles are soft, 0.6 -- 1.5 cm long. Pod is narrowly lanceolate, flat, 5 -- 14 cm long, 1.3 -- 1.5 cm wide, with narrow wings along abdominal sutures without dehiscent; Hong Kong Orchid Tree has 2-8 seeds, oblate, nearly black. Flowering period is from April to May. Hong Kong Orchid Trees are graceful and easy to cultivate. It was originally described by Westerners as the "poor man's orchid". Trees are about seven metres tall and can normally grow for 40 years. This plant thrives very easily.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree Growth Habit

Hong Kong Orchid Tree grows in a warm zone, more cold - resistant. Hong Kong Orchid Tree is light - loving, slightly shade tolerant, prefers fertile, well drained soil, not tolerant of moisture.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree has a strong germination force, resistant to pruning. 

Hong Kong Orchid Tree Distribution Range

Hong Kong Orchid Tree is produced in the southeast of China, north to Hebei, south to Guangdong, Guangxi, west to Yunnan, Sichuan, northwest to Shaanxi, east to Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces and regions. It is a common cultivated plant, mostly planted in gardens, houses, temple streets, a few in dense forests or limestone areas. 

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

How to Grow Hong Kong Orchid Tree

The Hong Kong Orchid tree is one of the representatives of acid-loving plants. It likes a cool, humid and well-ventilated environment. The suitable growth temperature is 13℃ to 25℃. Bauhinia like light, but avoid strong direct light, spring and autumn appropriate to increase shading, shading in midsummer season to achieve about 70%, and often to the leaf surface water to increase humidity, cooling, summer to put Bauhinia in the outdoor maintenance, for ventilation. In the growing period, apply thin fertilizer application, and it is best to farm fertilizer, flowers behind to prune. (Read More: Hong Kong Orchid Tree Problems)

The Use of Orchid Tree in Hong Kong

1. Hong Kong Orchid Tree Can be Used as a Dye

Hong Kong Orchid Trees are known for their bright colors, and they can be used for their own purposes. The bark of Hong Kong Orchid Tree also has tannins, so it can be used as a natural dye with bright and fresh color, not too strong and vulgar. It is just as elegant and charming in color as Hong Kong Orchid Tree, which is loved by the public.

2. The Role of Hong Kong Orchid Tree in Gardens

Hong Kong Orchid Tree is particularly suitable for use as a street tree because it is resistant to smoke and is an evergreen plant. In the hustle and bustle of the streets, we can see rows and rows of bauhinia flowers in dazzling colors, which bring us the enjoyment of beauty, new experience and new business card to the city.

3. The Medicinal value of Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong Orchid Tree can treat many diseases such as clearing heat and cooling blood, dispelling wind bite, discord of blood and qi, rheumatic bone pain, fall injury and rabies.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree