How to propagate French hydrangea

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to propagate French hydrangea

If you like the French Hydrangea, you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy it. You can propagate it by yourself. Here are two simple ways to propagate the French Hydrangea, even for those who haven't raised flowers.

French Hydrangea

1. Cutting propagation method of French Hydrangea

Cutting propagation method of French Hydrangea can be carried out all the year round. french hydrangea leaf is relatively wide, cut down the branches of the 7 ~ 12 cm long, choose the sun side of annual corky best branches, the branch is easy to take root, and maintenance can blossom after a year or two.

The branches that cut down should cut the leaf off the bottom, the top stays 2~3 leaves go, and the leaves that grow larger should cut off the leaf generally. It is to avoid water and nutrient futile consumption, so advantageous promote stem bottom to take root, avoid cuttage failure.

In fact, each section of cuttings and too many requirements, cork branches, with a growth node on the line, a very short section of stem can also be cuttings success.

Root powder can be touched before cuttage, or it is to wipe with vegetation ash, and can prevent germ infection, advantageous wound healing.

Cuttage soil is the best loose and good drainage sandy soil, and we can directly use river sand or perlite, vermiculite and other granular soil cuttings, keep basin soil moist, cultivate in a warm shade and ventilated place, and it will soon be able to take root and germinate.

The success rate of French Hydrangea cuttings is relatively high. When you cut a long stem, you can plant many pots. It's easy to propagate a French Hydrangea if you want to try.

French Hydrangea

Layering propagation method of French Hydrangea

Layering method of propagation is simpler. The success rate of layering reproduction is nearly 100%. Of course, the disadvantage is that you have to wait a little longer. The process of propagating needs patience.

The sandy soil that has been installed is micro-embellish and is put directly in the lower part of the branch. In the summer there should be a slightly shaded place to undertake, a little scattered light had better.

The French Hydrangea is easy to press a section of stem directly into the soil, where there are nodes, and it's okay to skip the circular peeling process. The nodes are where the leaves will grow.

Branches are pressed to the 3 cm or so in the soil, the basin soil can be pressed with hard things above, had better be the thing that uses stone or brick and so on.

There are a few matters for attention. The container must be well-drained to avoid soil water and root rot. It is more appropriate to use ordinary earthen pots or pottery pots.

Then wait a month or two for the seeds to take root. French hydrangea propagation is as simple as that.

French Hydrangea