How to propagate Firecracker flower

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

How to propagate Firecracker flower

Firecracker flower is bright, and generally in spring and autumn it can be propagated by cutting, when the temperature is appropriate. Choose loose and breathable soil to ensure good drainage, pick out healthy branches, remove the bottom leaves and retain the top leaves. Make a small hole in the soil, place the branches in the soil, water them, film them, and place them in a cool place to root. Firecracker flower can also be propagated by sowing. The following are details of these two propagation methods of Firecracker flower.

Firecracker flower

Cutting propagation method of Firecracker flower

1. Cutting time

It is generally chosen to propagate from cuttings in the spring and autumn season, and the temperature is appropriate. The suitable temperature for the growth of firecracker flower is between 20 ~ 26℃. Spring and autumn are the peak seasons for Firecracker flower growth, which is conducive to the survival rate of cutting propagation of Firecracker flower.

2. Soil selection

The cutting of Firecracker flower should choose loose and fertile soil to ensure the air permeability of the soil, which can make the soil appear acidic. Appropriately add some sandy loam, which is conducive to do a good job of drainage, to avoid improper watering water, resulting in root rot.

3. Cutting branches

Select out the healthy and strong Firecracker flower branches, and then shorten the branches to small branches of 8 centimeters, remove all the bottom leaves, and only keep two or three leaves in the top, so as to reduce the consumption of excess nutrients. Undertake branch after sterilizing antiseptic processing, dry in bottom daub root powder air reserve.

4. Prepare cuttings

In the prepared soil, use chopsticks to poke holes, and then insert the prepared branches into the holes. Put the soil around the Firecracker flower by hand and water it to keep the soil moisture enough. Then cover the surface of the soil with a layer of plastic film, and put it in a ventilated and cool place for taking root, then it can be transplanted and planted.

Firecracker flower

Sowing propagation method of Firecracker flower 

Sowing propagation method of Firecracker flower can be carried out in March. The suitable temperature for germination was 25-28℃ and covered after sowing. The seedlings can emerge after about 21-28 days. The suitable temperature for growth is 20-24℃. Seedlings should be first planted in small pots with a diameter of 8 cm, then transplanted in larger pots, until finally planted in pots with a diameter of 18 -- 20 cm. The time from sowing to flowering (or harvesting) is about 17-20 weeks.