Firecracker flower profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

Firecracker flower profile

Firecracker flower, scientific name Crossandra infundibuliformis,is an evergreen herb, which originated in India and Sri Lanka. The growth temperature is 20℃-25℃.

Firecracker flower picture

Firecracker flower

Morphological characteristics of Firecracker flower

Firecracker flower is a small evergreen shrub, plant height about 20 ~ 40cm, opposite leaves, broadly lanceolate, whole or undulate, smooth leaves, dark green rich luster; Late spring to autumn can blossom, axillary out, inflorescences dense such as spicate, petals 5 lobed, two lips, orange red, elegant flower appearance. The plant height is about 30 ~ 90 cm, the stems and branches are straight, the leaves are long oval, the edges are slightly wavy, the color is dark green and shiny; The flower color is not very selective, but it has a pink orange color rarely seen in other flowers. It blooms in spikes at the top of stems and branches, and each flower has a long and slender flower tube. The edge of each of the five petals is divided into two lips, which is a special type.

Firecracker flowers are short, with upright stems and many branches, and the extending branches are maintained in a standing posture. Leaves are ovate-lanceolate, 10-15 cm long, dark green leaves have light. Bushy spikes of orange or orange-red flowers that grow above the top and grow first in bracts, from which the flowers extend continuously from the bottom to the top. It is a famous flowering plant. It has a long flower period from early summer to late autumn.

Firecracker flower growth habit

Firecracker flower is shade tolerant, full sunshine, half sunshine or a little shade can grow, in which half sunshine leaf color is more green, flowering is also good. firecracker flower is very adaptable to the sunshine. It likes the environment with sufficient sunshine, avoiding the direct sunlight is too fierce, but it is best to put it on the windowsill indoors. Giving two or three hours of sunshine, it will be very ideal for growth. It is appropriate for good drainage and fertile soil for Firecracker flowers. Indoor cultivation should use culture soil or microporous inorganic ore substrate, and regularly irrigate pollution-free cultivation nutrient solutions every week or half a month. Under the assistance of appropriate light or artificial light (3000-5000 lux), flowering can be done immediately.

It should be watered frequently when firecracker flowers shoot in spring. In summer, in addition to ensuring adequate water and light, it should also maintain a humid environment. A little dry in winter. After the flower has faded, cut off two thirds of all branches for neat appearance. Propagation to cut from the mother plant on the 8 cm stem cuttings, spring or autumn is ideal. Cuttage appropriate uses sandy soil or perlite, 3 weeks can grow a new root system. Of course, they can also be seeded in March. Seedlings should be first planted in small pots with a diameter of 8 cm, then transplanted in larger pots, until finally planted in pots with a diameter of 18 -- 20 cm.

Firecracker flower is heat tolerant and continuous flowering, it is the preferred landscaping flower species in subtropical and tropical areas such as Florida, Southern California, Texas, South Asia, Australia, South America, South Africa and Southern Europe. It is also one of the few ornamental plants that can grow in the hot summer of the city. 

Firecracker flower

Firecracker flower landscape utility

Firecracker flower has long flowering period, suitable for flower beds in clusters or pot cultivation, for the summer beautiful low flowers.

Firecracker flower propagation and growing methods

Firecracker flower is available for the cuttage method, another seeding method can also be a large number of seedlings. Cultivation soil quality is not high, but loose and fertile sandy loam is the best, drainage is good.

Potted plant height should be about 15 cm, garden plant height 25 cm. It can be cultivated as a perennial in the southern region and as an annual cultivation in the Yangtze River basin.

Firecracker flower