How to Propagate Elatior Begonia

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Propagate Elatior Begonia

How does Elatior Begonia propagate? Elatior Begonia is a very good indoor potted plant with long flowering time and unique fragrance, so it is very attractive to flower lovers. Elatior Begonia is not only treated with long flowering time, unique fragrance, but also has very high ornamental value. Now, we'll introduce how Elatior Begonia propagates.

propagation method of Elatior Begonia

Elatior Begonia Propagation from Cuttings

Elatior Begonia can be inserted in both branches and leaves. When the branch is inserted for propagating Elatior Begonia, the length of the branch should be moderate, and the lower part of the branch should be cut into horseshoe shape with the blade. When the leaves are inserted for propagating Elatior Begonia, the leaves that should be selected to grow exuberantly and mature by six minutes should be cut diagonally with the blade at the lower end of the petiole. Cutting substrate for propagating elatior begonia is vermiculite powder or plain sand, the contaminated substrate should be disinfected and reused. After inserting the cuttings to pour permeable, but not water on the leaf surface. And cover it with plastic film, put in the place of scattering light, appropriate ventilation, avoid high temperature. It takes about 3 weeks for the cuttings to take root.

When you see a new leaf growing out, that has roots. Plants obtained by branching have no underground tubers. After 3 weeks of leaf insertion propagation of Elatior Begonia, the lower part of the petiole can also grow fibrous roots, but it takes another one and a half months to grow adventitious buds from the petiole, and gradually unearthed. 

Elatior Begonia Propagation from Seed

1. Seeding: because the seeds are very small, it is necessary to use a small seed sowing propagation method of Elatior Begonia. At present, Elatior Begonia's seeds are mostly imported, both coated and uncoated. It is best to mail in the original packaging and undamaged seeds from large flower and tree companies. This will ensure that the seeds will sprout into seedlings. Bulk seeds are difficult to germinate.

2. Seeding containers, coated seeds can be sorted, available hole seedlings plate, non-coated seeds can only be used as seedling plates. The sowing substrate for propagating Elatior Begonia is 1 portion of peat soil and vermiculite powder, crushed and disinfected, and then mixed with stirring to form a semi-wet state for use. Because the peat soil in the dry state has a water repellent, pouring water, it can not be used in the dry state. When applying the sowing propagation method of Elatior Begonia, put the substrate in the seedling tray first, and then pour permeable water with a watering can. Coated seeds can be sorted with tweezers, one seed for each hole. Non-coated seeds can be mixed with an appropriate amount of fine vermiculite powder and spread in a seedling tray.

propagation method of Elatior Begonia

3. After sowing propagation of Elatior Begonia, there is no need to cover the soil, only spray with a fine watering can, and then cover the seedling plate with transparent plastic film. At the ambient temperature of about 20℃, about 12 days to start seedlings. When the seedlings grow true leaves, they can be appropriately breathable, promoting their roots. The shoots grow slowly for the first three months. The seedlings sown in early summer do not need to remove the plastic film throughout the summer. The seedlings are resistant to high humidity and high temperature.

4. After the beginning of autumn, the weather is cool, and can gradually uncover the plastic film refining seedlings, so the early winter can be on the pot.  To use a smaller bottom porous flowerpot, culture soil can be mixed with 2 peat soil and 1 vermiculite powder (or with 1 plain sand), control watering before the pot, so that the culture soil in the seedling tray is in a semi-dry state, so that the seedlings can not be scattered and hurt the root. Just on the pot seedlings to prevent weather change temperature is too high, at the same time to use plastic film cover, but not too tight, to appropriate ventilation, in case of rotten seedlings.

In the family condition, the first year is not large plants, but flowers can be seen, so the second year can be cultivated into large plants. The second year, you can replace it with a larger pot.

Elatior Begonia Tissue Culture Propagation

Elatior Begonia tissue culture propagation method is an effective method to obtain large numbers of seedlings quickly and can be successful even in family conditions. A large number of virus-free seedlings can be obtained by using well-developed leaves as explants in a certain medium after the culture of non-toxic explants, subculture and rooting culture. Elatior Begonia tissue culture propagation method is costly and is only used when mass production is required.

propagation method of Elatior Begonia