Elatior Begonia Profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

Elatior Begonia Profile

Elatior Begonia, scientific name Begonia × hiemalis, is a member of the Begonia family and is a beautiful variety. Elatior Begonia is a rare greenhouse potted flower, which is very ornamental as an indoor potted flower.

Elatior Begonia Picture

Elatior Begonia

Characteristics of Elatior Begonia

The root of Begonia grunge (Begonia × hiemalis) is the root system.Stems and branches fleshy and succulent; Leaves are simple alternate, heart-shaped, mostly green, sometimes brown; The flowers are varied, mostly double, with red, orange, yellow, white, etc., and the variety is amazing. elatior begonia (Begonia × hiemalis) does not form seeds and can be propagated by cuttings or tissue culture. Leaves: simple, alternate, obliquely corset, doubly serrate or carved, palmately veined, glossy waxy, dense green.Flowers: Short day flowering, double red, yellow, white and orange, winter.

Elatior Begonia Distribution

Elatior Begonia is distributed in tropical and subtropical areas.

Growth Habits of Elatior Begonia

Elatior Begonia likes to grow in a warm and humid environment. It requires good ventilation and strict requirements on light, temperature and water and fertilizer. Elatior Begonia is a short-day plant that requires dark treatment at the early stage of growth.

Elatior Begonia

Elatior Begonia Care

The optimum temperature for the growth and development of Elatior Begonia (Begonia × hiemalis) was 18℃ ~ 22℃. The focus of family maintenance is to pay attention to keep warm in winter, and the minimum temperature should not be lower than 15℃. Since Elatior Begonia (Begonia × hiemalis) is still in the growth and flowering period in winter, it should be placed indoors in the south-facing sunny place as far as possible, such as indoor windowsill. But be careful not to be too close to the heater, so as not to burn branches and leaves of other flowers; In summer, when the high temperature lasts above 28℃, cooling measures should be taken, such as putting in an air-conditioned room or shading at noon.2. The basin soil for Elatior Begonia should be kept moist, not dry and too wet; Too dry will lead to water loss and wilting, serious whole plant die; The basin soil is too wet, and water fills the soil void, resulting in serious soil hypoxia, which affects Elatior Begonia root respiration and causes death; The excessively wet soil in the basin is also easy to provide opportunities for fungal and bacterial diseases, thus affecting the ornamental value of Elatior Begonia. Watering Elatior Begonia at ordinary times depends on the climate conditions. Generally, evaporation is fast in summer and water demand is relatively large. Watering should be done in the morning or evening, and the number of watering depends on the wetness of the basin soil. Winter watering as far as possible in the sunny noon, the water temperature should be similar to the indoor temperature, so as not to cause root stimulation because the water temperature is too low and dies. Increased air humidity had better use a humidifier, also can use sprayer to spray fine mist to the foliar surface, see foliar moisture can, but do not spray water mist to the flower. 3. Fertilizer Regular fertilization is especially important during the maintenance of Elatior Begonia. For rootstocks fertilization is given priority to with nitrogen fertilizer, promote its growth, with the growth of Elatior Begonia, and we should reduce nitrogen fertilizer, increasing the content of p, k, should step up before flowering fertilizer rate, but also appropriate for foliar fertilizer, foliar fertilizer concentration is too large, controlled at 1% ~ 2%, spray evenly, the face of positive and negative of foliar spray to.4. The whole type pruning should be carried out during the growth of the heart, to promote plant germination lateral branches, in order to achieve full plant type, but also should be timely removal of excess buds, so as not to cause a large number of nutrient consumption and affect the development of other flowers.

Propagation of Elatior Begonia

Because Elatior Begonia is a hybrid variety, no seeds, mainly propagated by cutting.

Elatior Begonia Uses

Elatior Begonia is an excellent variety for beautifying the indoor environment in winter. Elatior Begonia is also one of the main types of indoor flower watching plants in four seasons. If you create the right environment, Elatior Begonia is sure to add a little color to your home.

Elatior Begonia Flower Language

Elatior Begonia (Begonia × hiemalis) flower language is affable.

Elatior Begonia