How to propagate cineraria

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

How to propagate cineraria

Sowing propagation of Cineraria can be sown in summer, the Spring Festival will flower, from sowing to flowering about half a year. The sowing propagation time should not exceed September at the latest. Seeding can be used in a wooden box or shallow basin, the seeds and a small amount of fine sand after mixing evenly spread to the wooden box, wet the basin soil. Pay attention to ventilation. After a week it can sprout seedlings. Propagation can also be carried out by cutting. Now, let's see the propagation methods of Cineraria.

 propagation methods of Cineraria.

Sowing propagation method of Cineraria

Sowing is Cineraria's main method of propagation. Cineraria takes about half a year from sowing to flowering. The seeds are sown in late July and will bloom until the Spring Festival. It can also be used according to spend time, to determine the sowing time. If flowers are used on New Year's Day, they can be planted in mid - to late June. The earlier the seeds are planted, the more lush the plants will be and the more beautiful the flowers will be. Sowing propagation can't be later than September at the latest.1 part of garden soil, 2 parts of leaf rot soil, 2 parts of rice chaff ash, add a small amount of calcium superphosphate and decaying base fertilizer mixed into sowing pot soil. Seeding box or shallow basin can be used when applying sowing propagation. Mix the seeds with a small amount of fine sand and spread them evenly into the wooden box. It is covered with a layer of fine soil, no seeds to be seen. Spray or soak the soil to keep it moist without exposing the seeds. In order to keep wet, it is recommended to cover the basin with a layer of glass, but at the same time, we should pay attention to ventilation, and leave a little gap on the side.

Place Cineraria seed pots in a cold room or shade with no sunlight and keep the temperature at 21 degrees Celsius while maintaining ventilation. Cineraria germinates in about a week, when the cover is gradually removed to expose the seedlings to sunlight. But at noon when the sunlight is strong, we should pay attention to shade, and two weeks after germination, we can carry out full light.

 propagation methods of Cineraria.

Cutting propagation method of Cineraria

1. Cutting propagation time

General cineraria after flowering between 5 to 6 months, often also give birth to the side bud, so this time can be propagated through cuttings.

2. Selection of lateral bud

Chrysanthemum leaves after flowering, plant base leaves between the axles will give birth to the side bud, then you can choose the strong side bud, and the side bud is removed, used for cutting.

3. Cutting propagation method

The extracted lateral bud inserted into the prepared soil, cutting can remove excess leaves, cutting to give enough water, and prevent shading, and the next is patiently waiting for Cineraria to take root, generally to take care of 20~30 days and it can take root.

 propagation methods of Cineraria.