Cineraria plant care guide

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

Cineraria plant care guide

Cineraria is a variety of chrysanthemum, and has a high ornamental value. Cineraria  is very popular in the market. How to care for Cineraria? Let's look together.

Cineraria  care

Cineraria care for leaves yellowing

Cineraria leaves became yellow may be the result of the light being too strong. We need to use shade nets to prevent basking in, and in a timely manner to the water. If Cineraria lacks boron, potassium, calcium and other elements in the leaves yellow, so need to give the various fertilizers topdressing. In winter low temperatures are put in a ventilated place. If there is too much sunshine, water once a week, and the environment temperature controls at 8 ~ 10 ℃. The following are details of Cineraria plant care for leaves yellowing.

1. Shading sunscreen

Cineraria are like the sun, but in the summer sunshine, it leaves yellowing easily. When we care for Cineraria plant, it should be timely to pull the shade net to bask in the sun, or to move it to avoid direct sunlight, under astigmatism to blade right amount water, soil, keep the soil moist, make it gradually restore the color.

2. Lack of elements

If a cineraria lacks boron, potassium, calcium and other elements, fertilizer should be applied to it in time. If the leaf edge turns yellow, organic fertilizer can be applied; If it changes from brown to dry yellow, potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be sprayed on it. When we care for Cineraria plant, boron nitrogen fertilizer can be sprayed to restore the green vitality of cineraria leaves.

3. Temperature care in winter

Winter cold weather also is not only special dry, very easy to make its yellow leaves. When we care for Cineraria plant, we need to put the daytime in a ventilation sufficient sunshine environment, and spray once every other week around water, wait fast for dry soil and water, and cool in the evening will grow at 8 ~ 10 ℃.

4. Cineraria care for pest control

When Cineraria suffered from aphids, poisonous moths, stem rot and other pests, it was necessary to improve its growth environment when we care for Cineraria plant. Timely treat the sick leaves, do a good job of control and topdressing, and give it the accelerated killing of butyl cream and kundlethrin cream, and the soil was daubed with trimethacrylate and other agents.

Cineraria  care

Cineraria care for rhizome rot  

① Care for Cineraria in the health of the cultivation environment. In order to prevent the occurrence of cataplexy at seedling stage, the seedling pot and culture soil should be disinfected. Cultivation mediums should choose loose and good air permeability. Daily cultivation environments should pay attention to ventilation and light.

② Avoid overwatering. Maintenance watering can not be too much, keep the soil moist, especially at high temperatures, to water less, otherwise it will lead to the occurrence of powdery mildew.

③ Spray in time. If disease is found, it can be treated with 50 {bf} carbendazim dilution of 500 ~ 800 times, or 1000 times liquid of 75 {bf} chlorothalonil WP.

Cineraria  care