Senecio cineraria profile

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

Senecio cineraria profile
Senecio Cineraria is a kind of strange plant. The white hairs on the top of the plant make it look as white as snow. Senecio Cineraria is more suitable for growing with other plants.

Senecio Cineraria picture

Senecio Cineraria

Senecio Cineraria's growth habits

Senecio Cineraria is a relatively heat-resistant plant, which is prone to death under high-temperature conditions, combined with high humidity. senecio cineraria prefers a cool and humid climate. The suitable growth temperature is between 20℃ and 25℃, which requires sufficient light. The choice of soil is generally loose and fertile, sandy soil or humus-rich soil can be selected.

Winter management of senecio Cineraria

In the winter, watch out for Senecio Cineraria, which means keep warm. Move the pot indoors or into a greenhouse, or cover it with something warm. And, during the winter months, the Senecio Cineraria also takes care to keep enough light.

Senecio Cineraria chemical composition

The abovementium part of the Senecio Cineraria contains alkaloids clibin (24 -- 6), Clitoxin (24 -- 9), Otosenine and Clitamine (24 -- 7), and the seed contains clitamine (24 -- 8).

Morphological characteristics of Senecio Cineraria


Senecio cineraria leaves are spatulate or pinnate, silvery-white pilose on both sides, thin and lobed, as in a snowflake pattern, with long white hairs.


Senecio Cineraria head is with terminal solitary branches and purplish-red flowers. The whole plant has white villi. Senecio Cineraria is much-branched, leaves one to two pinnate divisions, both the front and the back are silvery white pilose, head single branch terminal, flowers small, yellow. The flowering period is from June to September, and seeds begin to mature in July.

Senecio Cineraria

Ecological habits of Senecio Cineraria

Senecio Cineraria is not resistant to extreme heat and is prone to death in high temperatures and humidity. Senecio Cineraria prefers a cool, moist, sunny climate and loose, fertile sandy loam or clay loam rich in organic matter.

The optimum temperature for Senecio Cineraria growth was 20℃-25℃, at which the germination strength was the strongest.

The distribution area of Senecio Cineraria

Senecio Cineraria, originally from Brazil, is a hardy plant along the Mediterranean coast. It is now widespread throughout southern China and can be wintered in the Yangtze River basin.

Senecio Cineraria