How to propagate California poppy

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

How to propagate California poppy

California poppy is the state flower of California, the United States. After being introduced to China, the flower friends found that its flowers are gorgeous and beautiful, and often kept in balconies or flower beds. If you want to care for California Poppy, you have to know how to propagate it. Now, let's see the propagation method of California Poppy.

propagation method of California Poppy

California Poppy's sowing propagation method 

California Poppy seeding season selection

With sowing propagation, winter soil does not freeze the region line autumn sowing. In northern areas, seedlings are raised indoors in early spring and emerge in about 7 days at 15~20℃.

Management of California Poppy after sowing propagation

In the true leaves to develop in time before the seedling on the pot, no frost, off the pot with soil planting (do not hurt the root, otherwise it is not easy to restore growth.Even death); You can also open the ground before it freezes. With wind barrier protection, the seedlings were unearthed the next year. The seedling stage should be supplied with sufficient water and nutrients. After sowing propagation in autumn, when the cold wave and low temperature are encountered, the flowerpot can be wrapped with plastic film for the benefit of heat preservation and moisture preservation; After the seedlings are unearthed, the film should be uncovered in time, and the seedlings should be exposed to sunlight before 9:30 in the morning or after 3:30 in the afternoon, otherwise the seedlings will grow very weak. After most of the seeds have come out, it is necessary to thin the seedlings properly: diseased, unhealthy seedlings are pulled out, so that the remaining seedlings have a certain space between each other; When most seedlings have three or more leaves, you can pot them.

propagation method of California Poppy

Cutting propagation method of California Poppy 

California Poppy cutting propagation substrate

The nutrient soil that uses cuttage namely or the material such as soil of river sand, mud carbon. Family cutting propagation is limited to conditions are difficult to get the ideal cuttings substrate, it is recommended to use the site has been prepared and disinfected cuttings substrate; Medium-coarse river sand is fine, but rinse with clean water several times before use. Sea sand and saline areas of river sand are not used, they are not suitable for the growth of flowers and plants.

Selection of California Poppy Cuttings for propagation

The branches used for cutting propagation are called cuttings. Usually combined with heart work, pick down the sturdy, no pests and diseases of the top as cuttings, directly with the top cuttings.

Management after cutting propagation of California Poppy

Temperature: The optimal rooting temperature for cutting propagation is 18℃~25℃, lower than 18℃, cuttings rooting is difficult and slow; If the temperature is higher than 25℃, cutting propagation is susceptible to pathogen infection and rot, and the higher the temperature is, the greater the proportion of rot.

Humidity: the relative humidity of air must be maintained in 75~85% after cutting propagation. You can spray cuttings to increase the humidity, 1~3 times a day, the higher the temperature in sunny days, the more times the spray, the lower the temperature in cloudy and rainy days, the fewer or no spray. But if sprayed too much, the cuttings are susceptible to disease and rot, because many kinds of bacteria are present in water.

Light: cutting propagation can not be separated from sunlight, but the stronger the light, the higher the temperature in the cuttings body, the more exuberant the transpiration of cuttings, the more water consumed, which is not conducive to the survival of cutting propagation. Therefore, after cutting propagation we must block out 50~80% of the sun, to root grow out, and then gradually remove the shading net: sunny day at 4:00 PM in addition to the shading net, the next day before 9:00 am covered with the shading net.

propagation method of California Poppy