How to propagate annual phlox

Written by Maggie

Jan 27 2021

How to propagate annual phlox

The Annual Phlox has many flowers and is very dense. Lush flowers can cover the stems and leaves. The pink carpet is gorgeous and ornamental. It is an important material in the layout of felt beds and rock gardens. It can also be used for lawn edging and potting. How to propagate Annual Phlox? Let's look at the propagation methods of Annual Phlox.

propagation methods of Annual Phlox

Cutting propagation method of Annual Phlox

Annual Phlox is most suitable for cutting propagation after flowering. They usually choose the vigorous shoots of the current year and pruned branches after the flowering period to multiply. Specific cutting when to draw a ditch on the seedbed, the depth of about 2cm. Put the stem segments cut into 2.5-5.0cm in a group of three in the ditch, cover them with sand, let the cuttings and soil closely together, at the same time make sure the distance between the rows is about 5cm. At the time of cutting propagation of Annual Phlox, while inserted while spraying water, after inserted again permeable spraying. Make sure the cuttings are adequately hydrated at the beginning, and that the substrate is not too wet. Rooting usually begins about 10 days after insertion.

Division propagation method of Annual Phlox

In the early spring or fall of each year, the roots of the annual phlox will have tillers, then we can apply the division propagation method of Annual Phlox. At this time, they will be dug up together with the roots, and the mud around the roots will be removed. Using special tools, they will be divided into many individual plants. The soil is compacted after planting, mainly to prevent the roots from sticking out and dying when watered.

Layering propagation method of Annual Phlox

Because the basic part of Annual phlox is crawling, the lower branches with good growth can be selected to pile up soil and make strips without carving.  After taking root, special scissors can be used to separate them from the parent and then plant them. In addition, you can also cut the creeping branches from the head out of the root system and cultivate them separately. The layering propagation method of Annual Phlox is also easier to survive.

propagation methods of Annual Phlox