How to grow Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Written by Maggie

Nov 16 2020

How to grow Zanthoxylum bungeanum

In the process of planting Zanthoxylum bungeanum, first put the seeds in the sun to dry for about 1 day, and then soak them in clear water for sprouting treatment. The selected soil is mainly sandy loam with good air permeability. After planting, keep the distance between 30 and 40 cm. On the left and right, cover a layer of mulch to keep warm and moisturize.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum picture

Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Zanthoxylum bungeanum selection requirements

The seed selection of zanthoxylum bungeanum requirements are the basic conditions in the planting method of Zanthoxylum bungeanum. It is mainly to select early-maturing varieties with strong growth and more fruit. Place the seeds in the sun for about 1 day. Do not expose them to the sun to avoid injury to the seeds. The latter seeds are soaked in clean water for about 1 to 2 days, and the impurities on them are scrubbed.

Site preparation requirements for Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Generally, after the soil is thawed in the early spring, the selected soil for Zanthoxylum bungeanum is mainly sandy loam with good air permeability. Apply a proper amount of organic fertilizer to the soil for deep planing. After adding water, remove the weeds on the soil, and then remove the soil. Deep ploughing is done once to ensure that the soil is level and loose.

Planting of Zanthoxylum bungeanum

After planting of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, keep the distance between 30 and 40 cm, and cover with a layer of mulch. The mulch is compacted with soil, mainly for heat preservation and moisturizing. Generally, the low temperature is controlled at about 3°C ​​to facilitate the flourishing of Zanthoxylum bungeanum roots. To grow, add a layer of about 5 cm of sand on the membrane at the end of April to prevent weeds from growing.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Post-planting management of Zanthoxylum bungeanum

When the Zanthoxylum bungeanum plant survives, it should be watered frequently to keep the soil in a loose and moist state. When the plant grows to 4 to 5 cm, it should be properly thinned to improve the survival rate of the seedlings. Apply organic fertilizer 3 to 4 times from June to July, about once every two weeks.

Pruning treatment of Zanthoxylum bungeanum

After harvesting in summer, proper pruning of Zanthoxylum bungeanum should be carried out, some weak branches and diseased branches should be cut off, and some strong growing branches should be cut short in autumn. Generally, only 5-7 main branches are needed. In order to reduce the consumption of a large amount of nutrients, it also has a great promotion effect on the secondary flowering and fruiting.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum