How to grow Walking Iris

Written by Maggie

Sep 01 2021

How to grow Walking Iris

Walking Iris is beautiful when it blossoms. How to grow Walking Iris? Here are growing methods of Walking Iris.

Walking Iris

Growing Walking Iris

1. Ambient temperature

The suitable temperature for the growth of Walking Iris is 15-20℃. If the environment temperature is too high or too low, it is unfavorable to the growth of Walking Iris. If the temperature is too high, it may shorten the flowering period of Walking Iris.

In addition, when walking iris is flowering, the temperature is controlled at 15℃, so the flowering period will be longer.

2. Soil requirements

Potted soil can be rich, humus rich sandy soil, and the soil drainage is good, such soil is better for Walking Iris growth.

3. Lighting requirements

Walking Iris prefers a semi-shady environment, so it is necessary to receive adequate astigmatism when growing, especially before flowering, there must be sufficient light.

In addition, we must shade in summer to avoid being irradiated by strong light. It is easy to be burned by strong light, and it will also make flowers easy to wither.

4. Watering requirements

Walking Iris pot soil is always moisturizing, so watering must be enough. If the amount of watering is too little, then Walking Iris will be difficult to grow. Especially in the hot summer, water evaporation fast, so must be watered enough, not water shortage,

In addition, spraying water around Walking Iris can be appropriate to keep the environmental humidity high.

5. Fertilization requirements

Generally fertilizing for Walking Iris plant, flower friends can use organic fertilizer such as bean cake, oil meal or three elements, it is recommended to apply once every 1 to 2 months.

Walking Iris

Hydroponic growing method of Walking Iris

Walking Iris can be hydroponic. First of all, the growing Walking Iris should be removed from the soil, and the roots and stems should be cut off with sterilized tools to select the appropriate length. Then put it in a potassium permanganate solution for disinfection, and then rinse with clean water several times, in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Finally, remove the plants to a container, cover the roots with water, and replace with fresh water every 2 days.

Growing Walking Iris in the soil

Walking Iris is suitable for growing in fertile, permeable and humus rich soil. Every watering should wait for the soil to be completely wet. In summer, high temperatures should be appropriate to increase the number of watering, so as to avoid the lack of water affecting the normal growth of plants. The optimum temperature for growing Walking Iris is 15 ~ 20 degrees. It should be kept in a place with sufficient light and avoid strong light. Phosphate fertilizer should not be applied during growing.

Walking Iris