Walking Iris profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

Walking Iris profile

Walking Iris, also known as Neomarica gracilis, is the perennial herbaceous plant of iris division, originating in Mexico to Brazil. Walking Iris plant height is about 40 ~ 50 cm, leaves from the base of the rhizome out, in a fan-shaped arrangement. Leaves ca. is 2 cm wide, leathery, dark green; Flowering period is from spring to summer. Walking Iris propagates in a strange way. Like the spider plant, it shoots out of its sheath after flowering.

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Walking Iris

Walking Iris feature

Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) plant height is about 40 ~ 50 cm, leaves from the base of the rhizome out, in a fan-shaped arrangement.Leaves ca. 2 cm wide, leathery, dark green.

The flower stems are flat and leaflike, but the middle rib is more prominent. The flowers emerge from the sheathlike bracts at the top of the flower stem. The flowers have 6 petals, 3 of which are evaginate white bracts with reddish brown patches at the base, and 3 of which are erect and indurate, bluish purple with white lines. Flowers usually open in the morning, to 3 to 4 PM on the beginning of the inner coil withered, but after the flowers in the flower sheath, the growth of seedlings, seedlings grow bigger and bigger finally fall to the soil surface, roots into seedlings, and seedlings have the ability to flower next year. walking iris propagates in a strange way. Like the spider plant, it shoots out of its sheath after flowering.

Walking Iris blooms from spring to summer.

Walking Iris distribution range

Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) is native to Brazil and Mexico and is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, with a small presence in Africa and Australia. It is widely introduced and cultivated in South China.

Walking Iris habits

Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) plants easily and bear ability is very strong to the environment, whether it is full of sunshine, sunshine, bright light scattering, or can grow well. But if we want long green leaves, or in the half of sunlight or shade environment better, therefore, the wall, the shade of a tree, or indoor bright place, is the ideal place of cultivation. Walking Iris likes to keep the soil always moist. In summer, you should pay attention not to be short of water, otherwise the leaf tips will dry up, which will affect the ornamental value. Planted in Taiwan, the growth stops only in winter when the temperature is low. The rest of the season the growth is vigorous and often maintains the dark green.

Walking Iris

Walking Iris flower language

Herald of good news, miss you and graceful heart, mission, love herald.

The main value of Walking Iris

Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) is a poisonous plant, but this does not affect its other values, Walking Iris orchid for us is also very important. In addition to a certain ornamental value, there are certain medicinal and economic values.

1. Ornamental value

Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) is very strange, not only is the pattern large, and its flower color also is to have a certain uniqueness. It's color is red and white flowers, very beautiful, so their ornamental value is very high, has a great effect for beautifying the environment, and can be planted to appear in the courts, as a potted plant on the balcony is the right choice.

2. Medicinal value

Walking Iris (Neomarica gracilis) has a good drug effect, which can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dispel wind and remove dampness, and can also detoxify. It is often used in daily life for symptoms such as injuries, rheumatic pain, sore throat, eating and abdominal distention. But we do not use drugs at will, and must be under the professional guidance of the doctor.

3. Economic value

This is very few people know the value of the role, Walking Iris can be used as purification raw materials of perfume, because of the strong aroma of Walking Iris orchid, so it can also be used for purification of perfume, this kind of perfume fragrance lasting, but also has a large market demand.

Walking Iris