How to grow Verbena officinalis L.

Written by Maggie

Nov 12 2020

How to grow Verbena officinalis L.

Verbena officinalis L. is very beautiful. Many people don’t know the planting method of Verbena officinalis L.. There are six main aspects. Firstly, choose a suitable planting land and spread the basal fertilizer evenly on the top. Sprinkle the seeds, grow for a period of time and transplant the seedlings, do a good job of watering the soil, weeding, and preventing pests during the growth period, and harvest the seeds when Verbena officinalis L. matures. 

Verbena officinalis L. picture

Verbena officinalis L.

Six aspects of Verbena officinalis L. planting

1. Select and arrange planting land

To master the planting method of Verbena officinalis L., you must first choose the land suitable for planting verbena officinalis L.. Before planting Verbena officinalis L., first choose a thick loam or sandy soil, and then plow, the depth of plowing is about 18-25 cm, and then apply 2000-2500 kg of decomposed farm manure per mu as base fertilizer. Even so, make a border with a width of about 50 cm and a height of about 15 cm. Use a rake to smooth the border surface, leaving 25-30 cm between the borders to form a small ridge in the field.

2. Sowing

The planting time of Verbena officinalis L. is generally from late April to early May. First, rake the soil on the border surface with a rake, and ditch the border along the border about 5 cm away from the border, with a distance of 25 per row. ~30 cm, the depth of the ditch is about 15-20 cm, the bottom grid should be leveled, and then a small amount of farmyard manure as the base fertilizer, about 15-20 kg per mu, and then sprinkle a small amount on the spread fertilizer Then spread the seeds evenly on the soil, then cover with 1 to 1.5 cm of soil, press a little bit on the soil, and then sprinkle about a catty of seeds per acre.

Verbena officinalis L.

3. Thinning and transplanting

When planting Verbena officinalis L., ensure that its humidity and temperature are suitable, so that the seedlings will grow in about 10-20 days, and the seedlings can be transplanted when the height of the seedlings reaches 5 cm. There is no need to leave a single row deliberately, but the distance between the plants in each row should be kept at about 10 cm, so as to help leave space to ensure normal growth and development.

4. Watering and weeding to loosen the soil

Verbena officinalis L. usually can be accompanied by pine soil when weeding, and the soil is properly cultivated. When the planting soil is too dry, it should be watered in time to ensure the normal growth of Verbena officinalis L., regular The removal of weeds can prevent weeds and increase yields. Weeds should be removed when you see them, to ensure that there are no weeds in the area with Verbena officinalis L.. In the rainy season, pay attention to timely drainage, and timely loosen the soil of Verbena officinalis L. after rain to prevent the soil surface from compacting and affecting root breathing.

5. Pest control

According to long-term research and observation, it is found that Verbena officinalis L. rarely has pests and diseases during the growth process. Most of the problems are mainly caused by long-term water accumulation in the soil leading to the occurrence of root rot, and we need to drain water in time. Soil loosening work, if it is serious, you need to use carbendazim to water the roots every seven to ten days.

6. Retain seeds and harvest

Good varieties are the first condition to increase yield. Once we planted, we also needed to set up a seed field. The planting method is the same as that of ordinary plants. During the period, we strengthen field management and properly apply phosphate and potassium fertilizers before flowering. The seeds have full grains, and at the same time more good seeds can be obtained. When the seeds are seven or eight mature, they can be harvested. The harvested seeds can be placed in a ventilated and dry shady place for 4-6, and they can be threshed to remove impurities and deflated seeds. Dry them for about 3 to 4 In a few days, put the seeds in a clean cloth bag, and then put them in a ventilated warehouse for next year.

Verbena officinalis L.