How to grow Streptocarpus saxorum Engl

Written by Maggie

Dec 30 2020

How to grow Streptocarpus saxorum Engl

Streptocarpus saxorum Engl has an elegant appearance and is native to South Africa. It is a perennial herb of Gesneriaceae. Streptocarpus saxorum Engl is suitable for growth in half-day shade. A shaded and well-ventilated place is better. Choose a soil medium with good drainage Cultivated, it can bloom all year round in warm climates. Next, please follow the editor to see the experience of senior flower friends breeding Streptocarpus saxorum Engl~

Streptocarpus saxorum Engl picture

Streptocarpus saxorum Engl

Breeding requirements of Streptocarpus saxorum Engl

Streptocarpus saxorum Engl is actually very easy to raise. In the subtropical sea areas such as Guangdong Province, the flowering period of Streptocarpus saxorum Engl is from November to May and June of the following year. Because streptocarpus saxorum engl has thick leaves and the flowering branches are protruding out, it is suitable for growing in hanging pots. streptocarpus saxorum Engl likes the shade and does not like the sun. In addition to occasional sunlight in winter, even if there is no direct sunlight throughout the summer, there will be no problems. Because it is in Guangdong, a southern country where there is winter, this product is dormant in summer, and its existence can almost be ignored.

To choose the basin, I chose the hanging basin, which can be tied to a thick water pipe or hung in the corner of the balcony for maintenance. This corner can't get the sun in summer, and there will be two or three hours of direct sunlight in winter. Streptocarpus saxorum Engl likes that.

Soil, Streptocarpus saxorum Engl does not have high requirements for soil. I have tried garden soil, cultivated soil and that kind of cheap peat soil. They are all collected separately, but it doesn’t like heavy soil, and the root system doesn’t like too wet. Therefore, we try our best to choose cultivated soil to grow Streptocarpus saxorum Engl, which is loose and breathable.

Top dressing, I haven't applied fertilizer. At most, I follow other grass flowers for one or two months during the flowering period. Streptocarpus saxorum Engl doesn't care at all. Fertilization does not necessarily have any special effects, because it performs very well.

Sunlight, as I said before, Streptocarpus saxorum Engl doesn't like strong sunlight, especially in summer, the leaves will be burned, yellowed, and curled. Anyway, the Streptocarpus saxorum Engl that is exposed to the sun is ugly. It can be completely sunless for seven or eight months in a year. When it comes to its favorite winter in Guangdong, which is also its growing season, there is no problem in the sun for a few hours. Once you find yellow patches on its leaves, you should remove it from the sun.

Streptocarpus saxorum Engl

For water control, the water content in the plant of Streptocarpus saxorum Engl is still quite high, so there is a lot of water demand, try not to reach it by drought, it will curl the leaves and become unconscious. I don't like spraying water on plants, so I water them directly in the pots, and try not to water the plants as much as possible. This amount is really hard to say, anyway, the soil is breathable, so please pour it out.

Main points of maintenance of Streptocarpus saxorum Engl

If you want to raise Streptocarpus saxorum Engl beautifully, you must pay attention to a few points: you must plant new branches every year! It is usually best at the beginning of October each year. You can also determine the time of your cuttings according to the time when your Streptocarpus saxorum Engl starts to grow.

Use new branches, new branches that have not been topped and plucked. The length is about ten centimeters, and the planting is as close as possible. My potted plant has ten branches. Let it grow. Don't worry, it will grow into a big ball by itself. If you can't bear the old plants that have been planted for a long time, you can't have good potted plants. Because the old branches of Streptocarpus saxorum Engl will be lignified, it is difficult to germinate new shoots, and the old root system is not enough to support the rapid growth of new branches. If you want to see the flower bulbs, pull out the old plants and insert new ones every year, and try not to top and pinch. Because no matter whether you pick it or not, it will branch as it should branch. It won’t be divided into two more because of your topping. Topping will only make that branch have multiple big scars, and there will be a position for that branch. If you have to pinch the pit, pinch it as soon as possible, and then let it grow new branches to cover the scar. If there is a pit, pinch it into a spherical shape. As long as the growth rate is consistent, it will eventually become a ball.

Streptocarpus saxorum Engl