How to grow Spiraea thunbergii

Written by Maggie

Nov 17 2020

How to grow Spiraea thunbergii

Spiraea thunbergii is a Rosaceae. It is produced in eastern China and also distributed in Japan. It likes light, warm and moist soil, cold-resistant.

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Spiraea thunbergii

Spiraea thunbergii cultivation techniques

Ramets, hardwood cuttings and sowing propagation are all possible. spiraea thunbergii is easy to cultivate and general management.

The propagation of Spiraea thunbergii mainly depends on cuttings, but it can also be divided. Cuttings can be divided into old branches and tender branches. Old branch cuttings are carried out at the end of February in early spring. The seedbed should be covered with a film to keep it warm and moisturizing. It can be transplanted after it takes root in late March. Threadleaf spiraea grows rapidly, and the old cuttings can grow into green seedlings at the end of the year. Twig cuttings are carried out during the rainy season. From July to August, cuttings can also be sprayed with full light. Cuttings are generally cut from the semi-lignified branches of the year, each section is 10~15 cm long, and the cutting mouth should be flat and smooth. If possible, it can be treated with hormones to promote early rooting.

Spiraea thunbergii can be sown and propagated in early spring; in summer, the semi-lignified branches of the year can be used for tender cuttings. The method is: cut the semi-lignified branches and cut them into 15 to 20 cm long branches. Keep the top leaves of the branches and insert them cleanly. In the river sand, the density should be such that the leaves do not overlap each other, proper shade, spray water 2 to 3 times a day, maintain good air humidity, and take root in about 20 days. After rooting, it can be potted or directly planted in loose sandy loam soil with proper shading. Normal management can be carried out after the Spiraea thunbergii plant resumes growth, and it can also be reproduced in late autumn.

Spiraea thunbergii

Shake off the excess soil, and then cut the Spiraea thunbergii plant from the thinner connection, leaving 3 to 6 shoots in each clump. Cut off the injured root system and the long root system, and then plant the plant directly on the planting field. Hardwood cuttings can also be made in late autumn, and planted in the spring of the second year after rooting. In order to promote the growth of Spiraea thunbergii plants, a decomposed manure can be applied in autumn, or a compound fertilizer can be applied once in early spring. The effect is very good. Plants should be pruned every year before flowering or in autumn. The tree shapes are mostly natural, round and geometric. Cutting off the dense branches of the plant will help the tree body to ventilate and transmit light and maintain a good shape. Spiraea thunbergii has fewer pests and diseases and is easy to cultivate and manage.

Spiraea thunbergii planting technology

Spiraea thunbergii is generally transplanted in spring from March to April, planting plantar fertilizer before planting, and watering thoroughly after planting, with an interval of about half a month, continuous watering for 2 to 3 times to ensure survival. Water or drain water according to the situation during the growing season, and water overwintering water once in winter to facilitate overwintering.

Spiraea thunbergii