How to grow Rosa Multiflora

Written by Maggie

Nov 19 2020

How to grow Rosa Multiflora

We usually plant Rosa Multiflora  in the spring and autumn. Wash clean the first seed harvested in the autumn, select high quality seeds sprouting in low temperature processing, to formulate slightly acidic soil fertile thin soft, and join the rotten inside before planting mix of the organic liquid into the plant after pouring into the water, then once every 10 days or so watering can.

Rosa Multiflora picture

Rosa Multiflora 


1. Seed treatment of Rosa Multiflora

The planting of Rosa Multiflora is mainly carried out in spring and autumn, among which seed treatment is also the key to the planting of Rosa Multiflora. Generally, seeds collected in autumn are first washed with clean water, and empty or diseased seeds are removed, and then dried in an indoor ventilated place.

2. Accelerated bud processing of Rosa Multiflora

It is best to bud Rosa Multiflora seeds at low temperature before planting. The seeds are mainly put in the freezing room or refrigerator, and the temperature inside is set at about 8℃ ~ 10℃ for about 24 hours. Then they are taken out and placed in the wet sand, covered with a layer of gauze, watered once a day, and germinated after about 22 days.

3. Preparation of Rosa Multiflora matrix

In order to ensure sufficient nutrition for the substrate of Rosa Multiflora, it is best to select the fertile, thin and soft micro-acid soil, add the decayed organic fertilizer liquid into it before planting, add the water and stir it thoroughly to keep it moist, and then cover it with a thin layer of fine sand to promote the growth of the root system.

Rosa Multiflora 

4. Rosa Multiflora planting and transplanting

The germinated Seedlings of Rosa Multiflora should be placed in the vegetative soil, and the base of the seeds should be covered with the soil completely. Do not expose the seeds by gently holding them down, and then pour into the permeable water once, cover them with a layer of mulch, and keep the soil slightly dry in the early stage. Uncover the mulch after the true leaves grow, and water them every 10 days or so.

5. Post-planting management of Rosa Multiflora

When the height of Rosa Multiflora plants is 10cm, transplanting should be carried out. After transplanting, weeding should be carried out frequently to reduce the loss of nutrients. Put the plants under the sun to receive more sunlight.

Rosa Multiflora