How to grow Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth

Written by Maggie

Nov 20 2020

How to grow Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth

In breeding Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth, ensure that not less than 4 ~ 5 hours of sunlight every day during the period of growth , to control the temperature in 18 ~ 28 ℃. In the summer water around noon to 1 ~ 2 times. It is advisable to always keep the soil moist, flowering can exert a under each half, and the reasonable cutting pick heart treatment.

Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth picture

Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth

Key points for breeding Physostegia Virginiana (L.) Benth

1. Plenty of light

In the growth period of Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth, ensure that not less than 4 ~ 5 hours of sunlight every day, but during the summer light shade must carry on the processing, controlling temperature in 18 ~ 28 ℃ or so. When the temperature is high, water the plant 1 ~ 2 times a day, with temperature as the purpose of the south will fall after the flowerpot in the sheltered best window.

2, suitable water

Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth growing in moist substrate is more appropriate. In the spring, summer, autumn season when watering wants enough, it is advisable to keep the soil moist, especially in the hot summer weather. But when it is in the middle of the water around 1 ~ 2 times, keep the air humidity around 80%, do not cause the soil to be too dry.

Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth

3. Fertilize regularly

Regular fertilization is an important matter in the cultivation method of Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth. When the planting is viable to be selected once, combined with fertilization at this time, it can be applied once a month to a thin compound fertilizer solution. In the flowering period, it can be applied once every half a month phosphate potash fertilizer, or special flower fertilizer mainly to promote the formation of flower buds.

4, suitable pruning

For perennial Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth old plant in winter and spring season, in order to enhance plant type of ornamental value, in the spring when it's in a basin with pruning, mainly to the upper branches for thinning processing. When the seedlings have 15 cm high pick heart processing, remove the top of the edge, to facilitate the beauty of plant type.

Physostegia virginiana (l.) Benth