How to grow Pelargonium hortorum

Written by Maggie

Nov 13 2020

How to grow Pelargonium hortorum

It is not difficult to grow Pelargonium hortorum in a pot. First, let Pelargonium hortorum have enough light during the growth period, and try to control its survival temperature at about 20 degrees. Secondly, Pelargonium hortorum must be given sufficient nutrients during all stages of growth. In the final maintenance process, water should be properly watered, so that a combination of several factors can achieve the purpose of bursting the pot.

Pelargonium hortorum picture

Pelargonium hortorum

Pelargonium hortorum method of growing pots

1. Give enough light for Pelargonium hortorum 

If you want to grow pelargonium hortorum in pots, it’s indispensable to give it enough light. This is a plant that prefers sunlight. The more light it is, the denser it can grow. Generally, it is only necessary to shade it in summer. Treatment, other seasons can accept full sun, this is the first step to make it burst.

2. Control temperature for Pelargonium hortorum 

The most suitable temperature for the growth of Pelargonium hortorum is about 20 degrees. Too high or low temperature is not suitable for plant growth. As long as the temperature is controlled at this critical value, Pelargonium hortorum can grow very well. These two are more special in summer and winter. It can be moved indoors for maintenance during the season and try to make it more balanced throughout the year.

3. Sufficient nutrients for Pelargonium hortorum 

Pelargonium hortorum is a kind of fertilizer-loving plant. It is necessary to apply some fertilizer to it in time during the growth period, so as to achieve the purpose of exploding pots. Generally, it should be fertilized in time before and after the flowering period and after pruning the branches to ensure that Pelargonium hortorum is growing. The nutrients in the pot soil are in a saturated state so that it can grow well.

4. Water appropriately for Pelargonium hortorum 

Pelargonium hortorum cannot grow without sufficient water, but you should pay attention to the method of watering. Water once every 1 to 2 days. Water thoroughly every time. Try not to let water accumulate in the bottom of Pelargonium hortorum, so as to ensure the plants. There is sufficient water during the growth period, and it is very easy to grow it in a pot with multiple factors.

Pelargonium hortorum