How to grow Michelia figo (Lour.)Spreng

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

How to grow Michelia figo (Lour.)Spreng

The flowers bloomed by Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng are of high ornamental value and are very popular among flower lovers. Then, for the cultivation method of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng, you first need to choose a suitable one for growth. For the soil, master the method of watering and fertilizing. Don't over water and fertilize the soil. Give it enough sunlight to promote its growth.

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng picture

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng breeding method

1. Soil requirements

If you want to cultivate Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng well, you first need to choose a suitable soil for cultivation, because the roots of michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng are fleshy, and the soil needs to be loose and well-ventilated and drained. Use mulch soil, garden soil, decomposed stable soil, and sandy soil to mix in a ratio of 4:3:2:1. This mixed soil can promote better growth of michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng.

2. Water in time

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng needs sufficient water to grow well, so it needs to be watered in time, but not too much, otherwise it will cause water to rot and roots. You can water it every 1 to 2 days in spring. Water once, in summer, you need to water it once a day. Keep the soil moist in autumn and winter. You can water it every 7 to 10 days.

3. Diligent application of thin fertilizer

If Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng is multi-branched, in general, Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng needs to be fed with sufficient nutrients, but not too much fertilizer, otherwise it will lead to Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng. , It affects the growth of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng, start applying phosphorus and potassium fertilizer every 10-15 days from April, and stop fertilizing in September, so as to promote better growth of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng.

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng

4. Full sun

When cultivating Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng, you need to give him plenty of sunlight. With the help of sunlight, it can help Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng absorbs nutrients from the soil, making Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng better Growing, if placed in a cool place, the branches and leaves of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng will lose their color. Under strong sunlight, it needs to be protected from the sun, and it can be moved to a place with astigmatism.

Precautions for breeding of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng

1. Plastic and pruning

When cultivating Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng, you can cut off the long branches, diseased branches, and useless branches and leaves of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng in spring and autumn every year. You can also cut Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng. (Lour.) Spreng is pruned into what you like, which promotes Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng to grow more luxuriantly, and the flowers bloom more vividly, which increases the ornamental value of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng.

2. Control temperature

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng is not cold-tolerant. It is suitable for growing at 15-28°C, not lower than 5°C, otherwise it will cause Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng frozen roots, which will affect Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng's absorption of nutrients and make the leaves lose their color and even cause Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng to wither and die. It is necessary to control the temperature in winter and control the temperature to 10-20°C. The editor can help Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng overwinter and also help Michelia figo ( Lour.) Spreng grows.

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng

The breeding method of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng

1. Cutting method

The cutting method is a commonly used propagation method of Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng. It has a high survival rate and can be carried out in spring and June. First, pick the well-growing branches. You need to keep 2 to 3 leaves at the top of the branches, and then wait for the wound to dry. The cuttings are placed in the soil suitable for growth, keeping the soil moist, placed in a cool place, and waiting for 1 to 2 months to take root and germinate.

2. Seeding method

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng has many propagation methods. It can also be propagated by sowing. It is carried out in spring and autumn. First select good seeds, and then disinfect the soil with carbendazim. Sprinkle the seeds directly on the soil and cover it. Layer fine soil, pour the appropriate amount of water, keep the soil moist, cultivate carefully in the shade, and it will take root and sprout after one month.