How to grow Lycoris radiata

Written by Maggie

Nov 16 2020

How to grow Lycoris radiata

Lycoris radiata should be watered every day to keep it moist, and top-dressing once every two months, so that it receives sufficient light, maintains a suitable temperature environment of 24 ℃, and provides 2:2:1 mixed mulch, peat soil and perlite mixed soil. Do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, spraying pesticides in time for treatment, and usually can also carry out sowing or split-ball propagation to make it grow better.

Lycoris radiata picture

Lycoris radiata

Water and fertilizer management of Lycoris radiata

Lycoris radiata likes to be wet and needs to be watered every day to keep the growth environment in a moist state. When watering, you should choose to replenish water at around 10 in the morning. Generally, the demand for fertilizer is not much for Higan, and it only needs to be top-dressed once every two months. Pay attention to the balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Optimal light temperature for Lycoris radiata

How to raise Lycoris radiata can not accept strong light, it should be properly shaded at noon in summer, usually let it receive sufficient sunlight to grow better. At the same time, control the growth temperature of Peanuts at around 24℃, spray water to cool down at 30℃ in summer, and keep cold at 8℃ in winter.

Loose soil for Lycoris radiata

When breeding Lycoris radiata, it is also necessary to choose loose soil with good drainage to avoid stagnant water growth. You can mix leaf soil, peat soil and perlite in a ratio of 2:2:1, and add a certain amount of ferrous sulfate to make it slightly acidic, allowing Lycoris radiata to grow vigorously.

Lycoris radiata

Lycoris radiata pest control

During the growth process, Lycoris radiata is prone to diseases such as soft rot or anthracnose due to the growth of pathogens, which will affect its health. It must be sprayed in time to effectively remove the pathogens and make it grow healthily. Sterilize bulbs to avoid carrying germs.

How to reproduce Lycoris radiata

Lycoris radiata can be sowed and propagated during breeding. Generally, the seeds can be sown into the soil after harvesting, and the temperature can be maintained at a suitable temperature of 20 ℃, and the roots can be taken in half a month. Alternatively, it can be propagated by dividing the ball to separate the ball. Just plant it in the soil after disinfection.

Lycoris radiata