How to grow Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don

Written by Maggie

Mar 17 2021

How to grow Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don

When caring for Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don, it is best to control the temperature at around 22~30℃. Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don should be placed in a place with good sunlight, and the strong light should be shaded, and the pot should be watered until the soil has dried. After that, drench it with water, and keep it moist frequently. Apply a special flower fertilizer solution once a month to promote the luxuriant growth of the root system.

Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don picture

Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don

The Propagation and Care for Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don

1. Anti-cold insulation

Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don likes to grow in a sunny environment. Don't put the plants in a dark place during the peak season. If the sun is too strong in summer, you need to shade it. Keep the temperature around 22~30℃. It should not be lower than 12°C, otherwise the plants will grow poorly, and if the temperature is higher than 32°C in summer, growth will also be affected.

2. Water reasonably

Moisture environment is one of the breeding methods and precautions of Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don. Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don likes to grow in a moist substrate. During the usual maintenance period, ensure sufficient water. Each watering should be done when the potting soil is dry. Do watering afterwards, water more in hot weather in summer, and control watering in winter to keep the pot soil slightly dry.

3. Fertilizer management

Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don grows faster in a nutrient-rich substrate, and it is also conducive to the extension of the root system. It is best to apply sufficient base fertilizer when planting, mainly with a decomposed cake fertilizer solution. After fertilization, stir it evenly. Fertilize once a month, and use special flower fertilizer as the mainstay, and stop fertilizing after entering winter.

Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don

4. Proper pruning

The growth of Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don is very strong, with dense branches and leaves. Proper pruning during the growth period can make the plants bloom the most beautiful. The pruning is mainly done in the spring and autumn. It is necessary to clean up some aging branches and remove the thicker ones. The branches are short-cut, and the cut branches can be used for cutting propagation.


The common pests of Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don are mainly longhorn beetles. If reddish-brown substances are found on the trunk during the growth period, use a knife to clean it up, or apply some mixed solution of quicklime and sulfur on the branches to suppress the pests. Growth and reproduction of eggs.

Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don