How to grow Hippeastrum rutilum

Written by Maggie

Nov 13 2020

How to grow Hippeastrum rutilum

The best sowing time for Hippeastrum rutilum is in spring and autumn. At this time, there is a suitable environment for its growth. Usually, before sowing, choose some round and undamaged seeds and pick them up. Plant Hippeastrum rutilum seeds in the soil and use thin Cover with soil, pour it with permeable water, and place it in a cool and ventilated place. It will germinate after about ten days.

Hippeastrum rutilum picture

Hippeastrum rutilum

The best planting time of Hippeastrum rutilum

Hippeastrum rutilum can be planted in all seasons, but the most suitable sowing time is in spring and autumn, because hippeastrum rutilum is suitable for growing in an environment where the temperature will be balanced. The temperature changes in spring and autumn are small, which is beneficial to improve survival rate. , Sowing in summer and winter should be properly cooled and warm.

Hippeastrum rutilum seed planting method

1. Seed selection

The seeds must be selected before sowing. In order to increase its final success rate, the method of picking and seeding is generally adopted. Seeds are picked from the more robust mother plant as much as possible. The selection is relatively round, without pests, and looks like very Complete seeds, which will help increase the success rate of sowing, and the quality of Hippeastrum rutilum in the later period is guaranteed.

2. Sowing

Because the seeds of Hippeastrum rutilum are too large, people usually plant them by on-demand sowing. The gap between the seeds is about 3 cm. After placing the seeds in the soil hole, cover them with thin soil, and then control the temperature at At 20 degrees, the seeds can germinate in about 10 days, but Hippeastrum rutilum has a longer growth cycle.

Hippeastrum rutilum

3. Maintenance

After planting Hippeastrum rutilum seeds, water them thoroughly, and then place them in a cool and ventilated place. Do not water them frequently when the seeds are in the germination period. Usually, keep the pot soil slightly moist. During this period, the pot soil should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The seeds in the germination period are more fragile, and a little carelessness will affect the chance of success.