How to grow Dahlia pinnate cv seeds

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to grow Dahlia pinnate cv seeds

In the process of planting Dahlia Pinnate CV, the dry seeds should be removed first and then soaked in warm water to accelerate germination. The selected culture soil is mainly a mixture of vegetable garden soil, furnace slag and peat soil. After being planted, the soil should be watered thoroughly, covered with wet grass and sand, and the temperature should be controlled above 15℃.

Dahlia Pinnate CV
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1. Accelerating Dahlia Pinnate CV bud processing

When planting dahlia pinnate CV, the selected seeds should be rinsed once in clear water.The sunken seeds should be used as cultivation materials, and then soaked in warm water at 40℃ for 3-5 hours. The seeds should be thoroughly disinfected after water absorption and expansion, and then air-dried in a ventilated environment.

2. Matrix requirements for Dahlia Pinnate CV

The soil planted is an important condition for planting Dahlia Pinnate CV seeds. The selected soil is mainly a mixture of vegetable garden soil, furnace slag and peat soil. When it is loaded into the soil, a 2cm thick coarse sand matrix can be placed at the bottom of the basin as a water filter layer, and a layer of decayed organic fertilizer particles can be sprinkled on it as a base fertilizer.

Dahlia Pinnate CV

3. Planting management for Dahlia Pinnate CV

Before planting, an appropriate amount of polymycorrine or potassium permanganate solution can be applied to the basin soil to play the role of disinfection and sterilization. After the dried seeds are buried in the soil, they are poured into an appropriate amount of water and mixed evenly, covered with a layer of sand and straw, and the temperature is controlled above 15℃ for germination and rooting in about one month.

4. Colonization management of Dahlia Pinnate CV

When the seed seedling grows to 10 cm, transplanting treatment should be carried out. After transplanting, water should be poured through once, and it should be maintained in a shaded environment for a week. After growth recovery, it should be placed in a sunny environment, and proper loose soil treatment should be carried out each time watering to promote the normal growth of the root system.

Dahlia Pinnate CV

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