How to grow China rose

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

How to grow China rose

China is one of the places of origin of China rose. China roses are planted all over the world. The adaptability of Chinese rose is very strong. China rose has good frost resistance and drought resistance ability, and the soil requirements are not strict. China roses can be potted and can also be planted, deeply loved by people. Many  flower friends say, China rose leaves are yellow, sick, long insects. Perhaps you have also encountered similar problems, so how should we grow China? What should we pay attention to when growing China? The following is a brief introduction to the cultivation of China rose.

China Rose
Chinese Rose is one of the best flowering plants for pots

1. Choice of flowerpot for growing China Rose

When potted China Rose, it is more important to choose the right pot.

It is the size of the basin above all, the size of the pot should match the size of the China Rose flower plant, avoid small seedlings big pot. When the plant rhizome is full of flowerpots, it should be replaced in a timely manner with a big pot, to meet the growth needs of the rhizome. Generally speaking the seedling that just cuttage becomes alive uses the floret basin of 15 centimeters, the seedling that 1 ~ 2 years gives birth to uses the basin of 18 ~ 20 centimeters, and changes to a bigger flowerpot gradually later.

Then is the choice of flowerpot material next. It’s better to be ventilated devel or earthen basin. Using plastic basin best bottom is perforated more, in order to increase ventilated and permeable water.

2. The selection of soil for growing China rose.

Potted China rose, because basin soil is limited, and china rose is fond of fertilizer flowers, so on the choice of basin soil. Use loose breath freely as far as possible, drainage is good. We need to protect water to protect fertilizer again at the same time. It is better to keep the soil ph slightly acidic or neutral.

The following are some common recipes of China rose potted soil:

Formula 1: garden soil: compost: rice bran ash: rice cake =5:3:1:1

Formula 2: garden soil: compost: river sand: Vegetable cake: bone meal =3:3:2:1:1

Formula 3: Yikang: Perlite: Vermiculite: rice hull carbon = 5:1:1:1 plus a small amount of humic acid grain and Olu 318 fertilizer.

If planting less China rose, you can directly buy chinese rose cultivation. Special soil is better. Because the price of China rose, special soil is more expensive. If you plant China rose flowers,using your own configuration is more cost-effective.

China Rose

3. Illumination management of growing China rose.

China rose likes sunshine enough, should ensure not less than 5 hours of illumination every day, but should avoid too strong direct sunlight. When summer midday sun is too strong, we should give certain shade.Indoor balcony breeding, and we should pay attention to open doors and Windows, maintain air circulation, to avoid powdery mildew.

4. The influence of temperature on China rose growth

China rose is not cold resistant. In winter under 5 degrees, it will stop growing, and enter in a dormant state, indoors can safely winter. The most suitable temperature for China rose is 18-20℃. When the temperature exceeds 25 ℃, the flowering period is shortened. In the high temperature and humid climate above 30 ℃, the flowers are small and light in color, and are prone to various diseases and insect pests.If it is under high temperature and dry condition, deciduous dormancy will appear.

5, China rose watering methods.

China rose watering should be dry and wet moderate, grasp the "do not do not water, water then water thoroughly" principle. Too wet soil will cause root rot, yellow leaves, and even death. Therefore, you should combine the water retention of your potted soil to determine the frequency of watering.

6. Fertilization management for growing China rose.

China's demand for fertilizer is great. In addition to on the basin when put sufficient bottom fertilizer. In early spring before germination, we can use the bean cake, dung water, chicken duck dung, fish viscera and other liquid fertilizer. Apply light liquid fertilizer every 10 days after budding. After the summer flowers fade, before the axillary buds are not developed, a medium concentration of liquid fertilizer can be applied to promote a large number of autumn flowers.

China rose topdressing should master the principle of "frequent application of thin fertilizer", avoid raw fertilizer, thick fertilizer. In winter, probably in December, you can bury the right amount of fish intestines along the side of the basin, pay attention not to directly contact the root, the next spring flowers more.

China Rose

7. Trim branches and leaves in time when growing China rose

After the China rose flower is withered, we should cut in time the upper part of the branch that is connected with the remnant flower, in order to promote early hair new branches to bloom again. If there is a particularly vigorous growth of branches, it should be appropriate to cut short, in order to avoid the consumption of nutrients, affect the growth of other branches.

When summer air temperature is exorbitant, China rose and is in a state of half dormancy.  Prune the branches that grow too close to increase ventilation, in case they fall ill.

8. Timely prevention of diseases and insect pests when growing China rose

The main pests and diseases of China rose have black spots, powdery mildew, leaf blight, chafing beetles, moths, etc.. We should give priority to prevention, and can be in the July to August rainy season. During high temperature, high wet season spraying sterilization drugs once a week. In the winter dormant stage, apply appropriate spraying drugs according to the circumstances.

China Rose