How to Propagate China Rose

Written by Maggie

Dec 23 2021

How to Propagate China Rose

A lot of people like to grow China rose in the home, but just know breeding but do not know how to propagate. If you want to know how to propagate China rose very much, do not worry, today talk about the propagation of China rose.

China rose

China Rose Propagation in Water

Water propagation method is applicable to raw materials of hydroponic plants without roots. A new method of hydroponic plants is to take a section of stem or branch from the mother China rose, insert the stem into the water and take root. The water insertion method is divided into two types due to the different structure of raw materials.

The China rose branches into the concentration of 0.05%-0.1% potassium permanganate solution disinfection for 10 minutes, first with tap water to induce new roots.

The china rose branch is inserted in the water depth: will disinfect the branch into water, water to dip the branch into the water depth: will intercept the branch into the water, water to immerse the branch 1/3 ~ 1/2 is advisable, immersed in the water place of the blade to remove;If you have aerial roots, keep them above the water.

The water inserted after the branches on the side of the shade. China rose can not be exposed to direct sunlight. Change water once a day or once every 2 ~ 3 days.

China rose

China Rose Propagation from Cuttings in Soil

  • Select the The China rose in the current year, which growth is full, elastic, the flower bud did not sprout branches. The upper part of the cut into a flat mouth, the lower part with a sharp knife at the node of 5-8mm cut into a horse ear (about 45-60 degrees). In spring, summer, autumn leave the top two lobules, the rest of the leaves removed.
  • Buy some vermiculite (available at the flower market) and put China rose in a small plastic basket similar to a bean curd drawer, with a thickness of 10-12cm. Then you can cut it in the basket by scraping with a wooden board or ruler.Plant spacing 5-6 cm, depth 3-5 cm. Then pour through the water. The small basket was backed up with two bricks for easy drainage.
  • Put the cut China rose in the shade or shade. In the morning and evening, china roses can be basked in the sun.The first 4-5 days of daily water spraying a few more, to protect the leaves do not dehydrate, to see the basket under the constant drip of water is better. Later can be early, medium, late each spray once. Gradually reduce the number of spraying until 3-5 days spray. As long as the temperature is right (between 15 and 28 degrees), most healing tissue will form and take root gradually. In winter the temperature is a key factor. At 20 to 28 degrees, it takes more than 10 days to take root. It doesn't matter if the temperature is low.
  • After the China rose takes root, the original remaining two lobules will fall off, new buds will sprout. At this point China roses can be moved to the sun. When the new leaves turn green, we can spray one thousandth of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on the leaf, making the root more substantial, more robust.
  • fter surviving, there is no need to rush to transplant. After the roots turn brown, the survival rate is higher.
  • If Conditions, permit, in the branch after cutting, soak China rose in 1000 potassium permanganate solutions 5-10 minutes, both disinfection, can make hair roots. Of course, you can also dip in some root powder.
  • If the pore of the plastic frame is too large, you can lay a layer of nylon yarn at the bottom, so as not to leak vermiculite when watering.
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China rose

China Rose Propagation by Grafting

  • Cut the top of the rootstock and remove a piece of bark from top to bottom.
  • The lower part of the scion of the china rose to be grafted with a blade cut out an inclined plane, the xylem of the lower part to remove some, leaving only bark.
  • Place the scion close to the split xylem of the root stock, then cover the scion with the bark and hold it tightly with a plastic bandage.
  • Wrap the scion in a clean and transparent plastic bag.
  • The plastic bags can be removed after the scion sprouted in a month, and the wrapped plastic bandage can be removed after a year.
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