How to Grow China Rose from Seeds

Written by Maggie

Dec 23 2021

How to Grow China Rose from Seeds

When growing China rose, we usually use cutting propagation, and using the seeds planted is very few, because the seed germination rate is low, and this is due to the degradation of seed breeding. China rose seed is not easy to get. China rose flower seeds growing is suitable for cultivating new China rose varieties.

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What are the characteristics of China rose seeds?

The seed of China rose has the characteristic of dormancy. Generally, there are three reasons for seed dormancy:

1. china rose seed coat is hard and has a confinement effect on water absorption and respiration and metabolism.

2, The China rose embryo development is not sound, it must be through after maturity to germinate.

3. China rose inhibiting seed germination due to the presence of certain inhibitors.

The dormancy of China rose seeds is caused by ABA (abscisic acid) contained in the pericarp and seed coat. Results determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). ABA was found in the pericarp, seed coat and embryo of China rose seeds. By means of tissue culture, ABA levels in the pericarp and seed coat were confirmed to be the main cause of seed dormancy. The amount of ABA in the embryo is too small to cause seed dormancy.

Treatment of China rose seeds before sowing

Because of the characteristics of the above China rose seeds, the newly harvested seeds cannot germinate, and must be treated with a "sand layer" before sowing, in order to germinate and sprout. The seeds are mixed with wet sand, placed in a container, covered with 3-5cm thick wet sand, and placed in a 0-2℃ condition, refrigerated for 60-90 days, and then seeded.

China rose seeds sowing method

Sowing should be carried out under the condition of 5-10℃, feasible on demand sowing, broadcast sowing, drill sowing or basin sowing, spacing is 3 cm, after sowing, covered with a layer of vermiculite or plain sand 1 cm thick. Under normal circumstances, about 40 days after sowing can be seedlings.

China rose

Precautions for growing China rose from seeds

1. Usually in November or so, cut the skin color yellow red ripe fruit. They hoard it in the wet sand of 0 to 6 degrees. In the following year of February, while preparing for the emergence, the primary good full of grain, loaded with the wet sand, fine wood chips or vermiculite in the plastic bag, and opening up, away from light in sharp frost day and night, the temperature change of environment, as temperatures rise, check once a week, will have split the thief kind of grain, carefully picked out.

2. After the germination has been broken seed, according to 3 cm *5 cm plant spacing, carefully planted in the seedbed, the bottom of the bed can be used river sand or garden soil, spread a thin layer of vermiculite (or fine wood chips). Put the germinated seed placed on it, and then carefully cover a layer of sand about 1 cm thick, finally spray the seeds with a water kettle.

3. Pay attention to planting china rose soil sterilization insecticidal, seedbed best arrangement in greenhouses, good covering plastic film on the tunnel at the same time. Often keep seedbed moist, maintain about 20 degrees germination suited temperature. When the seed emerges, the three to five blades, we need to move it to the flower pot, to promote the growth of seedlings, and to facilitate the seedlings grow rapidly and greens of the soil should remain loose, and appropriate thin fat frequently. Do not apply overmuch water, so as not to cause disease.

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