How to grow and care for Shoeblackplant

Written by Maggie

Jan 05 2021

How to grow and care for Shoeblackplant

People who like to grow flowers are fond of flowers that bloom all the year round, and when it comes to flowers all the year round, in addition to Chinese rose, Shoeblackplant is another very recommended woody flower variety. I feel that Shoeblackplant is really very, very easy to grow. The following I will introduce how to grow and care for Shoeblackplant in detail.


How to grow Shoeblackplant

During shoeblackplant cultivation, a mixture of humic soil and peat soil can be used to provide no less than 8 hours of light per day. It can be placed on the indoor balcony in summer. Water should be poured every day during the growing period. The following are details of how grow Shoeblackplant.

1. Acid soil

Shoeblackplant is a large ornamental Flower with bright colors and large flowers and leaves, so it has a high requirement for soil nutrients. Generally, acidic soil rich in organic matter is the most suitable. The mixed soil of humus and peat is more conducive to the growth and development of Shoeblackplant.

2. Plenty of sunshine

Shoeblackplant likes a sunny growing environment. Generally, sunny slopes are more developed than shady slopes. The daily light should not be less than 8 hours, because the lack of light is easy to cause the petals to fall off or the flowers to shrink.

3. Water properly

Proper watering is one of Shoeblackplant's breeding methods and precautions. shoeblackplant likes a warm and humid growing environment, which requires sufficient water but is not subject to waterlogging. Generally, it needs to water once a day in the growing period, once in the morning and once in the evening in the hot summer, and keep the soil moist in other seasons.

4. Fertilize regularly

May of spring is the growing season of Shoeblackplant. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the fertilizer and water, apply fertilizer and loosen the soil every time to make Shoeblackplant grow better. Generally, pancake fertilizer should be applied every 7 to 10 days.



How to care for Shoeblackplant 

Shoeblackplant needs to be potted out in April every year. In order to keep its beautiful shape and large number of flowers, a pruning is usually carried out. Two or three buds are left at the base of each branch and the upper part of each branch needs to be cut off. This will help Shoeblackplant grow more vigorously and keep its beautiful plant shape.

In winter, Shoeblackplant, which likes warm, not only needs to increase the temperature, but also can cover the Shoeblackplant plant with a plastic film, which can also maintain the temperature and prevent it from freezing. However, the plastic film should be perforated to prevent it from breathing easily.

Every year, Shoeblackplant should be replaced and pruned. Not only should the useless old soil be removed and replaced with new loose soil, but also the root system of Shoeblackplant should be pruned so that it can better absorb nutrients for growth. After that, the bottom fertilizer should be applied to the soil so that it can have sufficient nutrients and flourish growth.