How to Propagate Shoeblackplant

Written by Maggie

Dec 23 2021

How to Propagate Shoeblackplant

Shoeblackplant has a long history of cultivation in China. Since ancient times, Shoeblackplant has been a very ornamental flower. Until modern times, it has been very popular. It has a high survival rate and is easy to propagate. Today we'll take a look at propagation methods of Shoeblackplant.


Shoeblackplant Propagation from Cuttings

1. Cutting time

Shoeblackplant's propagation method is mainly cutting, which is very convenient and common. The cutting time of shoeblackplant can be carried out from January to August.

Spring insertion takes place in January-February. This time point combined with pruning, cutting in the greenhouse, rooting can survive.

Summer insertion time in May - June, when the growth period of fusang, full branches, cuttage survival rate is high.

Cutting in winter, the best is in the greenhouse, which plum rain season survival rate is higher.

It is very easy for mulberry cuttings to take root, and it can take about 40-45 days to take root, and about 60 days to put into the pot.

2. Preparation before cutting

Shoeblackplant's method of propagation is actually quite simple. The first step is to prepare cuttings for root cuttings and select materials with good drainage and ventilation properties, usually pure sand or vermiculite. The slotting bed should be cleaned in advance, and the drain hole should be put into the cutting medium. Medium thickness is 15 centimeters or so, medium above appropriate has quite depth, so that when covering glass, do not overwhelm the cutting. The potassium permanganate solution that reuses 0.1%-0.3% or 100℃ boiled water disinfect, prevents cut ear infection to rot, potted also should undertake disinfect treatment likewise.

3. Selection of cuttings

It is best to choose the annual robust semi-lignified branches, cut about 10 cm long cuttings, incision to be smooth and close to the base of the node. Cut off the lower blade and leave the top blade. If the blade is larger, cut off a piece of the blade to reduce the evaporation of water. The selection of cuttings can be combined with pruning and pruning. It is necessary to pay attention to the cuttings when they are cut and inserted.

4. Cutting steps

Cutting propagation method of Shoeblackplant uses chopsticks or a little coarse wire poking out of the hole on the surface of the sand to, be careful not to cutting skin hurt, then sand bed, depth about cutting a third of the total length of place, and then water flooding, high air humidity, room temperature is best in 18 to 21 ℃, in order to ensure the survival rate, slotting machine above cover glass or plastic film, in the sun, shade slow seedlings.


Shoeblackplant Propagation by Grafting

Grafting propagation method of Shoeblackplant is used for cutting difficult to survive the rare varieties, but also can be grafted into different colors of flower plants. Grafting Shoeblackplant should be selected in the growth season, with the best spring, because of the survival of the year after the growth period long, plants can get sufficient health. Under the condition of the greenhouse, grafting can be carried out in four seasons.

Rootstock selection is easy to propagate, robust growth, extensive management, strong adaptability of varieties. Generally, it is an anvil with pulverized horn species. Rootstock should be prepared from cuttings in advance. When grafting should be considered in advance scion and rootstock growth speed, branching rule, internode length, flowering time and so on is similar or a convergence. If much breed is grafted together, we still should consider flower form, design and color whether match is reasonable, bright-coloured and beautiful. Grafting can be done by cutting, splitting and by joining. Generally choose a simple splicing method. The scion should be of the same thickness as the rootstock. The terminal bud and 2 ~ 3 leaves were preserved, and the lower part was cut into wedges. Cut off the top tip of the rootstock, split the middle appropriately with a sharp knife, and insert the wedged scion into the square to align the cambium, then tie it tightly with plastic tape and place it indoors in a place without direct sunlight. Maintain proper humidity to prevent leaf wilting on scion. You can put the scion in a plastic bag. The graft can be seen alive after about a month. After survival, gradually remove the plastic bags and increase the light.

1. Transplanting and curing

After Shoeblackplant taking roots, basin, basin soil preparation for four sandy loam, 1 dirt, mixture, mix well pelvic floor limbers cover with tiles, the underlying basal, reload the mixed soil planted seedlings, water flooding, watered once a day, and shade to slow after good seedlings, in a sunny place after 2-3 years cultivation in basin, time of the basin in the late spring and early summer when out of the room.

2. Field management

In both outdoor and indoor cultivation, the Shoeblackplant cuttings should be shaded at the early stage, the relative humidity should be maintained at 85-95%, the temperature should be controlled at 18-25℃, certain light should be ensured, the fertilizer should be collected once every half a month, the greenhouse should be put into the greenhouse at the end of October, the room temperature should be controlled at 15-22℃. Attention should be paid to ventilation, less application of fertilizer or cultivation of fertilizer. Temperature is very important in the management process of Shoeblackplant, which involves the length and number of flowering periods. In summer, there are many flowers, flowering time is long, temperature is low and flowering time is short.

Interested flower lovers can try to propagate different genera of flowers together to produce flowers of different colors on one tree, which will be more eye-catching and increase the viewing rate of Shoeblackplant for the garden district.