How to grow Campanilla

Written by Maggie

Nov 19 2020

How to grow Campanilla

Campanilla picture


Method of breeding Campanilla

1. Prepare the soil

Campanilla belongs to the Apocynaceae family. Its yellow flowers are of high ornamental value and are often cultivated as ornamental plants. How to raise Campanilla? The first step in cultivating campanilla is to prepare the soil. Campanilla likes to grow in fertile, well-draining soil. You can use mulch or peat soil for cultivation.

2. Water reasonably

Campanilla likes to grow in a high temperature environment and has a high water requirement. Keep the soil moist and not dry when planting. The growth period of Campanilla is the time when the water demand is highest. At this time, the watering frequency should be increased appropriately. In summer farming, the plants should be watered once a day, and water can be properly sprayed around the plants.


3. Sufficient light

Campanilla likes to grow in a well-lit environment, and there is a large demand for light. It is best to place the plants in an outdoor environment with sufficient light during cultivation, and let the plants receive at least 3 hours of light every day. Although Campanilla likes light, it is necessary to properly shade the plants when the light is strong to prevent the plants from being sunburned.

4. Apply fertilizer in time

Campanilla has a high demand for fertilizer during the growth period. At this time, it is best to apply fertilizer to the plants every half a month. It is best to dilute the fertilizer with water before each application to prevent fertilizer damage. Campanilla has strict requirements on temperature. It is best to keep the temperature above 16 degrees during breeding, and the temperature cannot be lower than 5 degrees in winter.