How to grow Bouvardia ternifolia

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow Bouvardia ternifolia

When cultivating Bouvardia ternifolia, choose loose and air-permeable soil and flower pots with good air permeability, water once a day, shine in the sun every morning, and place in a cool place at other times. Apply fertilizer once a month and transplant when the temperature is below 10℃. Go to the room for heating treatment.

Bouvardia ternifolia

Bouvardia ternifolia Care

1. Choose soil

Bouvardia ternifolia flowers come in pink, white, and red. White is often used as a wedding bouquet. How to grow Bouvardia ternifolia? First, choose a flower pot with good air permeability, and disinfect the flower pot before planting. Choose loose and air-permeable soil, you can go to the flower shop to buy the nutrient soil needed by Bouvardia ternifolia.

2. Water reasonably

Bouvardia ternifolia has a high requirement for water. It needs to be watered once a day. Be careful not to water too much every time you water. If you water too much, water will form and cause the roots of bouvardia ternifolia to rot. Bouvardia ternifolia needs to be irradiated every morning in the sun, put it in a cool place at other times.

Bouvardia ternifolia

3. Reasonable fertilization

Bouvardia ternifolia does not need to be fertilized frequently. It is usually sufficient to apply fertilizer once a month. When fertilizing, do not apply to the roots. The fertilizer concentration is high. Applying fertilizer to the roots will cause Bouvardia ternifolia to burn the roots. You only need to apply the fertilizer to the edge of the flowerpot. After finishing the fertilizer, you can pour some water to help Bouvardia ternifolia absorb nutrients.

4. Prevent cold

Bouvardia ternifolia is not cold-resistant and warm-loving. When the temperature is lower than 10℃, it should be transplanted indoors for heating treatment. Bouvardia ternifolia has a long flowering period and blooms every spring to autumn. The flowers of Bouvardia ternifolia are very beautiful when they bloom. Its flower language is envious and loving sincere.

Bouvardia ternifolia