How to grow Anemone cathayensis Kitag

Written by Maggie

Dec 30 2020

How to grow Anemone cathayensis Kitag

Anemone cathayensis Kitag is the national flower of Israel. Since Anemone cathayensis Kitag blooms beautifully, it is widely used in indoor and garden decorations and is a major item in the flower market. So how to grow Anemone cathayensis Kitag? Let's read on together!

Anemone cathayensis Kitag picture

Anemone cathayensis Kitag

Anemone cathayensis Kitag can be planted from early fall and the flowering period is from winter and spring. Cultivation in a greenhouse requires certain facilities such as heat preservation, drip irrigation, shading, and ventilation.

Temperature for growing Anemone cathayensis Kitag

Under natural conditions, Anemone cathayensis kitag is usually planted in late September when the temperature is below 20 degrees. Before planting, soak the tuber with water for 1-2 days to make it swell up. Use 3 parts of garden soil for pot soil, 1 part each of leaf-humid soil and husked ash, use 1 handful of decomposed compost or chicken manure for each pot. 3-5 balls can be planted in a pot with a diameter of 20 cm. The tip should be down, not upside down. After planting, water thoroughly and place in a sunny place. New leaves can grow in about 20 days.

Fertilizer for growing Anemone cathayensis Kitag

Anemone cathayensis Kitag can continue to grow if kept at a temperature above 5 degrees in a large shed or greenhouse in winter, and can form flower buds and bloom early, but at this time due to low temperature and low water consumption, watering should be controlled so that the potting soil should not be too much moisture, to prevent root rot, depending on the humidity level, usually about 3 days to water. If the temperature is low, water should be less, the fertilizer is applied once every half month with 10{bf} cake fertilizer water. If anemone cathayensis Kitag is cultivated in open field, the temperature is not lower than -10 degrees to survive the winter safely, the next spring will start, and the growth will start around mid-February. If it can be used diligently, Anemone cathayensis Kitag will bloom in March. During the flowering period, applying 10{bf} cake fertilizer once a week can promote the continuous formation of flower buds, and Anemone cathayensis Kitag will gradually stop until the temperature rises in May. From March to April, if there is damage from leaf miners, spray 1500 times omethoate, and spray again every 3-5 days.

Anemone cathayensis Kitag

After blooming, the temperature rises and the old leaves begin to turn yellow. When the leaves of Anemone cathayensis Kitag are almost all withered in June, the underground roots can be dug up, but do not immediately divide them. Take care to prevent water dripping, and let them cool and dry., store in a dry and ventilated place with bamboo baskets, etc. Potted plants can be placed in a dry and rain-proof place, and watering should be stopped until September.

Ventilation for growing Anemone cathayensis Kitag

Anemone cathayensis Kitag in Europe has a single flowering period of about one week. The seeds will mature 7-10 days after flowering. At this time, the aggregate fruit will turn from turquoise green to grayish yellow, and the fruit will feel soft. It must be harvested in time, otherwise it will be scattered with the wind. After the seeds are picked, they should be dried and stored in a rain-proof and well-ventilated place.

Anemone cathayensis Kitag