How to grow and care for Weigela

Written by Maggie

Jan 09 2021

How to grow and care for Weigela

Weigela has long branches and luxe flowers, such as jin belt, often planted in the corner of the garden, park lake, and can also be planted in the edge of the forest. Because of its design and color, so a lot of families are growing it. So how does Weigela grow? Below we will share with you about Weigela growing methods and Weigela care.


Growing Weigela 

Best growing time: Generally in early spring, autumn and winter, or in summer in June to July.

Best soil for growing: Weigela needs deep, moist soil rich in humus.

Growth humidity requirements: Weigela likes light, shade resistance, cold resistance, afraid of waterlogging, suitable air humidity is 65% ~ 75%.

Optimum growth temperature: The suitable temperature for growth is 15℃ ~ 30℃, and the suitable temperature for flowering is 18℃ ~ 22℃. It is resistant to low temperature and can overwinter on the open ground in the north.

Optimum growing light: Weigela likes a warm, moist, sunny environment.

Weigela's soil culture growing method

1. The soil culture method of Weigela can be used to propagate and cultivate by four different methods, such as cutting, layering, dividing and sowing. Weigela likes light and warmth, but it is also tolerant to cold and is not strict with the soil. Therefore, as long as in the planting of sufficient base fertilizer, and every other year to supplement 1 time base fertilizer, growth period without topdressing.

2. The growing period of Weigela is longer. In northern China, the top of new shoots is often not full enough before winter, and dry shoots will appear when the wind is strong in early spring. We need to control moisture when entering autumn so that branches slow down to grow. With adequate lignin change, pour sufficient frozen water before freezing, it can safely overwinter. The branches are full, and early spring will reduce dry shoots.

3. We should cut off residual flowers and old and weak branches timely, and too long branches are to cut short, so that the tree shape is natural symmetry. Old plants planted can be cut from the base, and new shoots can be recultivated.


Weigela care

Fertilizing care 

When potted, we can use garden soil 3 and rice chaff ash 1 mix, plus a small amount of barnyard manure and so on to do base fertilizer. After planting with decayed compost as a base fertilizer, the roots are furrowed every two to three years during the dormant period of winter or early spring .In the growing season, every month to timely fertilization, watering, spring germination, to gradually increase the amount of watering, and often keep the soil moist.

Watering care

Pay attention to watering in the growing season. After sprouting in spring, gradually increase the amount of watering, often keeping the soil moist. In summer high temperature and drought, it is easy to make the leaves yellow dry shrinkage and branch wither, to maintain sufficient water and water cooling or move to the semi-cloudy moist place maintenance. Water should be poured 1 to 2 times per month to meet the needs of growth.

Pruning care

Because Weigela has a long growing season, the top twigs tend to grow poorly before winter and can easily dry out over the winter. Therefore, the annual spring before initiation should be the top of the plant dry branches and other old and weak branches, insect branches cut off, and cut short long branches. If there is no seed, after the flower, it should be cut in time to residual flower branches, so as not to consume too much nutrient, affecting growth. For branches of 3-year, they need to be cut from the base, to promote the robust growth of new branches. Because of its new inflorescences in 1-2 years of germination on the branches, so the spring should not be on the annual branches for larger pruning, generally only sparse to dry branches.

Pot soil replacing care

It is best to change the basin every 2-3 years, but also often turn the basin loose soil, so that the soil can be breathable, promoting faster growth.