Weigela profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 09 2021

Weigela profile

Weigela is a member of the honeysuckle family, and the sea lily is a member of the honeysuckle family. It has very long flowering periods, sometimes up to a few months, and is suitable for growing in groups and cannot grow in waterlogged conditions. Weigela is commonly used as rockery ornament decoration, and has a strong germination force, the growth rate is very fast. In addition, as a traditional Chinese medicine, Weigela has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification.

Weigela picture


Weigela morphological characteristics

Weigela is a shrub, 3m tall, 3m wide, with spreading branches, more cylindrical, some branches curved to the ground, branchlets thin, with 2 rows of pubescent when young. Leaves are elliptic or ovate-elliptic, 5-10cm long, apically acute, basally rounded to cuneate, margin serrate, surface veins hairy, abaxially dense. The corolla is funnelform campanulate, rose-red, lobes 5. The capsule is columnar; Seeds have no wings. Flowering period is from April to June. Weigela is the main early spring flowering shrub in North China, with dense foliage and gorgeous flowers. Its flowering period can last for more than a month. Weigela is suitable for garden wall corner, lake group planting; Weigela can also be in the edge of the tree jungle for flower hedge, cluster planting, decorating in rockery, slope.

Weigela distribution range

Many countries abroad now grow Weigela, the domestic original produced in north China, northeast and north China. Weigela is light loving, shade tolerant, cold resistant; The soil requirements are not strict, and can endure barren soil, but deep. Moist and humus rich soil growth is best. Weigela IS afraid of waterlogging. The germination force is strong and the growth is rapid. 

Weigela habits

Weigela is a positive tree species, tolerant shade, cold, drought, soil requirements are not strict, can endure barren soil, but with deep, moist and rich humus in the loam soil growth best; Afraid of waterlogging, strong resistance to hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride, strong germination and tillering ability, rapid growth. They are often born in thickets in mountains or on the stone slopes. The number of flowers will increase if they are planted in a sunny and windward place.


Weigela main value

The leaves of Weigela are oval or oval in shape, with very beautiful flowers and high ornamental value. They are often planted in gardens, parks, backyards and other places, with the function of beautifying the environment. It is also of high value in the market and is loved by many flower lovers. It is also often used as the favorite of artists and appears in all kinds of literary works.

Weigela flower language

The flower language of Weigela is gorgeous and beautiful.