How to grow and care for Orange Trumpet vine

Written by Maggie

Jan 09 2021

How to grow and care for Orange Trumpet vine

Orange Trumpet vine shaped like a firecrfirecron, is very beautiful and drooping in clusters, so it is very popular with people. More as the top surface and surrounding green, beautiful scenery.Would you like to know about growing Orange Trumpet Vine? Come and have a look at growing Orange Trumpet vine and Orange Trumpet vine care.

Orange Trumpet Vine 

Growing Orange Trumpet Vine  

The best growing time: From spring and autumn, it can be carried out in summer, summer is appropriate. Root after 20~30 days, a month and a half after cutting into a new plant, and in that year, it can be flowering. Plant more in pots, or directly in the container, do not move to the nursery to grow seedlings.

Best Soil for Growth: Orange Trumpet Vine is less soil intensive, but grows better in rich, well-drained, rich, rich soil.

Water frequently after planting or potting to keep the soil moist and well drained.

Optimum growing temperature: Orange Trumpet Vine is not cold resistant, so it needs to be moved indoors in northern areas after winter. During the winter, put it indoor sunny place and control watering, stop fertilization, and keep the room temperature above 10℃. Generally in December, we need to gradually raise the room temperature, at the same time the right amount of watering and fertilization. After 2-3 months, it can be pregnant and buds bloom.

Shading should be appropriate just after planting or potting, and full exposure to the sun should not occur until growth has resumed. Orange Trumpet vine likes light, and can also be slightly tolerant of shade.

Orange Trumpet Vine 

Orange Trumpet Vine care

A thin liquid fertilizer with a combination of nitrogen and phosphorus is normally applied about once every 2 weeks during the growing season. During the gestation period, topdressing 1-2 times with phosphate fertilizer as the main quick effect liquid fertilizer, and after the flower drops, topdressing 1 times with nitrogen fertilizer as the main liquid fertilizer for the benefit of flowering and plant growth.

Watering care: Every 1~2 days, we need to carry out a leaf spray, in order to keep wet. After 3 weeks, if the stem and leaves did not appear atrophy, still maintain tender green, that incision healing is good, and has taken root, and then 10 days or so it can be transplanted inside the basin. Just on the pot seedlings, we need to pour enough water, in half shade maintenance.

Use a large, deep pot for planting. When the seedlings have reached a certain height, set up a plant holder in the pot and attach the stems to the plant holder, distributing them evenly and placing them on a sunny balcony for maintenance. Also we can plant it inside a big basin, a flower frame is set on the balcony, let it climb upward to grow, when waiting for the branch to grow to a certain height on the attached object. We need to hit top, make buds new branches, and facilitate blossom more. Open the branch that spends, the coming year is not in blossom, and the new growth branch wants a pregnant bud, because this is right a few old branches, weak branch to wait to want timely cut off, lest consume nutrient, affect the second year blossom.

Replace the pot with: Orange Trumpet Vine, deep tube tube should be used, leaf rotting soil, garden soil, mountain mud should be used as the main culture soil, and appropriate amount of mature compost, bean cake, bone meal and other organic fertilizer should be applied as the base fertilizer. The management after transplanting is the same as in ground planting. It is better to grow in loose, fertile and well-drained slightly acidic soil. The south can be cultivated in the open ground, the northern area needs potted, winter into the room overwintering, potted soil can be used rot soil, compost soil, sand soil mixing the cultivation soil, plus a small amount of cake fertilizer for the base fertilizer.

Propagation points: layering propagation or cutting propagation.

1. Layering propagation can be carried out in spring or summer. Rooting starts around January, and the mother plant can be separated and transplanted around March. Propagation of cuttings is also carried out in spring and summer. Rooting begins around January, and the mother plant can be separated and transplanted around March.Cutting propagation is also carried out in spring and summer.

2 We can also pick old stem cuttings, that is to choose the base of the pumping of sturdy old stem, up to 2 meters long, cuttings in fertile sandy loam, maintain half shade, about 50-60 days beginning to root. When the pumping branches long leaves, winter with soil transplantation in the center of the grassland or in front of the open land, with bamboo support, to prevent falling. This species depends on the growth of fixed tendrils. During the growth of tendrils, we should not turn over, break, otherwise it will affect the absorption of water and nutrients, resulting in poor flowering or even not flowering.

For common leaf spot and powdery mildew, spray with 50 {bf} carbendazim WP 1500 times liquid. The pests include mealworms and scale worms, which can be killed by 1200 times 40 {bf} oxidized dimethoate emulsion.

Planting survival after all needs to put the Orange trumpet vine transplantation in sunny places, especially in the northern planting potted, choose as far as possible to adjust its living environment, guarantee the sunny, keep ventilated, cool, regular watering. Of course, it should be adjusted according to the weather situation, but also keep the soil fertile. Although Orange trumpet vine on soil requirements is not high, the soil fertility is more conducive to Orange trumpet vine flourish, also more full of vitality. Orange trumpet vine is very bright light and warmth of plants and the soil to keep the acid for its growth, Orange trumpet vine family culture, in order to improve the viewing effect. We can choose a large deep pot, planted when seedlings grow to a certain height within the basin of a flower, the vines tied on the shelf, and pay attention to the uniform distribution, put in a sunny balcony curing. Also we can plant it inside a big basin, a flower frame is set on the balcony, letting it climb upward to grow, when waiting for the branch to grow to a certain height on the attached object.

Orange Trumpet Vine