Propagation methods of orange trumpet vine

Written by Maggie

Jan 09 2021

Propagation methods of orange trumpet vine

Orange Trumpet Vine can be propagated by layering or cutting, both of which are simple. Generally, layering takes place in summer, and cutting can take place in late March. The following are the methods and steps for the propagation of Orange Trumpet Vine layering and cutting.

orange trumpet vine

Cutting propagation of orange trumpet vine

As it is not easy to get seeds for orange trumpet vine, when it propagated, orange trumpet vine mostly propagated by cuttings. Cutting propagation is carried out by orange trumpet vine, usually in the spring.

First of all, suitable cuttings should be selected, and the mature stems of orange trumpet vine should be cut off. A strong, disease-free branch should be selected, and about 10cm -- 15cm should be cut off, with 3 or 4 nodes and at least 2 shoots retained.

Next, carry out cuttings. Insert the cuttings of Orange Trumpet Vine into the sand bed, usually two-thirds of the time. Gently press the base of the cuttings to make the cuttings closer to the soil, and water them well.

And finally, you have to maintain it properly. Attention should be paid to keeping the soil moist after cuttings. Water can be sprayed on the leaf surface and placed in a semi-shady place for maintenance. Generally, when the stems and leaves of orange trumpet vine do not atrophy after cuttings, it indicates good growth and can take root in about 40 days. The survival rate of cuttings propagation is relatively high.

When the seedlings of Orange Trumpet Vine grow to over 15cm, it can be transplanted into a pot and placed in a semi-shady place with sufficient water for maintenance.

orange trumpet vine

Layering propagation of Orange Trumpet vine

Orange Trumpet Vine can also be layering propagtion, which occurs mainly in the spring and summer months.

When an orange trumpet vine is buried in the soil, a circle of bark can be removed to facilitate the rooting, and new roots can be developed in about a month. Cut off the rooted branches and replant them.

Orange Trumpet Vine can also be used by pressing the branches directly into the pot.

Layering propagation of Orange Trumpet vine should be applied by the end of the year.

orange trumpet vine