How to grow and care for Daphne odora

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

How to grow and care for Daphne odora

Daphne Odora is a very beautiful and graceful plant. Odora is a very famous phnom Penh Daphne Odora, which is not only suitable for viewing but also a good gift. Daphne Odora is a flower plant with strong floral fragrance. Planting Daphne Odora requires ventilation and respect for Daphne Odora's life habits. How to grow and care for Daphne Odora? Let's learn together.

Daphne Odora

How to grow Daphne Odora

1. Adapt to the environment

Daphne Odora flowers like a warm and humid environment with half shade and half light. But in summer we should avoid the sun exposure, generally in winter under the light, ventilation of the south window.

2. Sunshine requirements

Daphne Odora flowers like plenty of sunlight, so give daphne odora flowers plenty of light. But when the summer temperature is too high, you need shade to avoid the sun exposure.

3. Principle of watering

When watering Daphne Odora flowers, the watering principle should be dry and wet, do not water, water thoroughly, not overwater leading to rot roots, and Daphne Odora flowers are afraid of rain, so try not to get too much rain.

4. Fertilization requirements

Daphne Odora flowers do not like big fat. Generally before flowering of Daphne Odora, you can add an appropriate amount of light organic liquid fertilizer, in order to promote the good taste and fragrance of flowers.

When applying fertilizer, keep fertilizer from sticking to the leaves to prevent Daphne Odora flower leaves from rotting and falling off. If applied organic fertilizer, it must be fully ripe.

Daphne Odora

5. Trim  

Daphne Odora flower pruning is usually done after the flower. It can cut the overflowed branches short to encourage more branches, which can increase the number of flowers in the following year.

In addition, pruning is generally to cut off the Daphne Odora flower long branches, cross branches, overlapping branches and other branches that affect the aesthetic appearance of the tree, so as to maintain the shaping posture of the Daphne Odora flower.

6. Turn the pot and change the soil

The Daphne Odora is usually turned over every two to three years, usually after the flowers are finished in the spring, but also in the autumn.

How to care for Daphne Odora

Daphne Odora is resistant to pruning and can usually cut off densely growing twigs before germination, leaving some space for ventilation and light. Daphne Odora is suitable for pruning after flowering. In addition to cutting short the branches that have already bloomed, it is also necessary to cut off the overlapping branches, over-dense branches, empty long branches and diseased branches to ensure the beautiful shape of the plants.

Daphne Odora generally turns the basin and changes the soil every 2-3 years, usually after the flowers are gone. When turning over the basin, about 2/3 of the old soil is removed, and some excessive fibrous roots are properly repaired. The root can be lifted appropriately by combining turning over the basin.

Daphne Odora