Propagation methods of Daphne Odora

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

Propagation methods of Daphne Odora

Daphne Odora has many methods of propagation, including sowing propagation, cutting propagation, grafting propagation, high-pressure propagation and so on. Here's a look at some common propagation methods of Daphne Odora.

Daphne Odora  

Cutting propagation methods of Daphne Odora  

1. Daphne Odora cutting time

The cutting time of daphne odora is generally better before and after grain in Ear or autumnal equinox.

2. Substrate and cutting bed selection

The cutting substrate of Daphne Odora should be able to ventilate and drain well.

Daphne Odora cuttings should be conducive to matrix ventilation and drainage, practice has proved that the selection of a 26 cm ×33 cm plastic basket as a cutting bed is very good.

3. Branch selection

Generally, Daphne Odora at a young age is preferred, which can not only improve the rooting rate and transplant survival rate, but also reduce the incidence of viral diseases.

4. Treatment of cutting branches before cutting

Cut the cuttings with a knife and make wedges on each side of the cut. After cutting, the cuttings shall be dipped in the root solution or the medicinal solution prepared according to the instructions. After dipping, put the cuttings upside down for about 5 minutes, and let them dry before cutting.

Daphne Odora  

5. Cutting method

Daphne Odora branches should be trimmed to 4-5cm, not too long. Too long consumption branches affects the ornamental effect. Too short itself is insufficient nutrition, affects the root, and transplant life growth is slow.

Daphne Odora cutting depth to one third of the length of the cuttings should not be inserted too deep.

The density of Daphne Odora cuttings should be non-extrusion between the cuttings, the leaves can be naturally extended. Looking down to see the base of the cuttings is good. Generally cutting 20 days or so, it begins to root, and the branches after rooting generally a day water can be poured.

High pressure propagation method of Daphne Odora

Daphne Odora's high pressure propagation time is generally in March to April. Select 1-2 years of robust Daphne odora branches, and we need to make processing of girdling, width is about 1 to 2 cm, with plastic cloth roll live after incision, to fill in the soil, and tighten the lower plastic sheeting. The top tightly at the same time attention should be paid to leave a bit small, so that air and water, and keep the soil moist, takes about 2 months and can take root. After autumn, it is necessary to cut it off from the mother in time on the basin or another planting.

Water inserts propagation method of Daphne Odora

Generally carried out in summer, the water insertion propagation method of Daphne Odora has the advantages of fast rooting and high survival rate. Take the Daphne Odora branch, which is about 8-12 cm long. To speed up the healing and rooting, the day before the cutting, use a sharp knife to cut around the branch point. Remove the leaves from the lower part of the branch, keep 3-4 leaves from the upper part, and cut off all the rest. Then put the processed branches into a jar with a water depth of about 3/4 and add 2-3 drops of vinegar. The cuttings are about 1/3 in water, straightened and fixed. The mouth of the bottle is covered with gauze and tied tightly. After planting, place the plants on the indoor windowsill and add water as appropriate. After 5 days or so, spray to the leaf surface 1-2 times, and change the water once a week, about a month can take root. Pay attention to transplant the pot in time.

Daphne Odora