How to grow and care for Butterfly flowers

Written by Maggie

Dec 22 2020

How to grow and care for Butterfly flowers

Butterfly flowers are perennial herbs with many flowers and short life span. The first flower of the year is the most beautiful. The flower is beautiful like a dancing Butterfly and is often planted as an annual plant. Butterfly flowers are deeply loved by flower lovers. How to grow and care for Butterfly flowers? Here are some growing and caring tips for you.

Butterfly flowers

How to grow Butterfly flowers

1. Buy Butterfly flowers. Butterfly flowers are usually sold in small pots so that they are easy to pick out. You can pick and choose plants that haven't bloomed or developed flowering yet. If you prefer to start from scratch, you can also follow these steps to plant seeds.

2.Sow. In warmer climates, Butterfly flowers' seeds can be sown between mid-summer and late autumn; In cooler climates, it can be sown in spring and autumn. The best way is still to use a floret pot to raise seedlings, seedlings used for the quality of flower mud are good.T he incubation period is about 21 to 28 days.

Keep the soil moist. A trick to retaining moisture in the soil is to wrap the pot in plastic after watering it and place the pot in a warm, sunny place with shade.

4.Transplant the seedlings into the nursery. Butterfly flowers like sunshine and have high requirements for drainage, so planting Butterfly flowers in the nursery can ensure their best growth. If you live in a hot climate, find a shady place to plant in the afternoon. Of course, you can also plant it in a hanging pot or plain earthen pot according to your needs.

5. Fertilize often. Butterfly flowers are encouraged to grow in liquid form, preferably once every two weeks, especially if planted in a pot.

6. Trim withered flowers in time. The more butterfly flowers you have, the more you need to keep them trimmed. Of course, you can also pick them when they are in full bloom and use them for decoration.

Butterfly flowers

How to care for Butterfly flowers

1. Ambient temperature

Butterfly flowers are relatively cold-tolerant and prefer cool. Generally, the daytime temperature of the family curing environment is 15-25℃ and the night temperature is 3-5℃, which can develop and grow well. If the daytime temperature is continuously above 30℃, Butterfly flowers' buds will disappear or not form petals.

2. Soil requirements

Generally, loose soil with good drainage and exhaust ability can be selected for growing Butterfly flowers. The soil for potted plants can be mixed with humus, garden soil, and some bone powder.

3. Lighting requirements

Butterfly flowers prefer semi-shade, which is more suitable for planting in indoor living rooms or offices. Generally, Butterfly flowers in potted plants are not able to accept strong light irradiation, and semi-overcast places are more conducive to the growth of Butterfly flowers.

And the leaves are more bright and shiny. If Butterfly flowers are exposed to strong light, the leaves of Butterfly flowers tend to become rough, and the surface of the leaves will produce grayish white, which greatly reduces the ornamental value.

4. Watering requirements

Butterfly flowers prefer soil micro-tides and are not tolerant to drought. In the growing period, it is necessary to keep the soil moist. In addition, it can be dry in winter. Butterfly flowers should see the soil wet every time they are watered.

When they bloom, they must keep sufficient water, which is conducive to the increase of Butterfly flowers and the quantity of flowers.

5. Fertilization requirements

During the growth period, Butterfly flowers need regular fertilization. Generally. The use of phosphorus and potassium can ensure the upright growth of Butterfly flowers and make Butterfly flowers more robust.

Butterfly flowers

6. Regular pruning

During the growing period of Butterfly flowers in family plants, flower friends should timely remove the remaining branches and flowers, and control the growth of the long branches by picking the heart, so as to promote the new branches, make the plants complete and have good crown shape, and also prolong the flowering period.

After the flowering period of Butterfly flowers,immediately cutting off the residual flowers can promote re-flowering. At the end of spring when the temperature is higher, flowers gradually become smaller and smaller.