How to grow Magnolia

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

How to grow  Magnolia

In the process of cultivation magnolia, basically give priority to choose breathable better made of baked clay mud, preparation and the humus soil, sand, and a vegetable garden soil as cultivating soil, mixed soil. In the flowering period, give sunlight every day not less than 4 hours, watering once every 3 ~ 5 days. In summer we can water 2 ~ 3 times a day, mainly under phosphorus fertilizer, After flowering,  apply 2 ~ 4 times of available nitrogen topdressing.

Magnolias picture


Methods of magnolias cultivation

1. Choice of basin and soil

The root distribution of magnolia is relatively shallow. Generally, the selected flowerpot should be based on a well-ventilated sand tile basin to prepare fertile and moist sandy soil with strong drainage capacity. Remember to use saline-alkali matrix and mix humic soil, sandy soil and garden soil as culture soil.

2. Light and temperature environment

Magnolia likes to grow under the condition of sufficient sunshine, slightly tolerant to shade, and grows faster in warm climates. During the period of flowering, the daily light time should not be less than 4 hours, or it will blossom sparingly. Generally put it on the indoor balcony, and need to enter the room for maintenance in winter, control the temperature at about 15 ~ 25℃.


3, suitable for watering

Magnolia has stronger adaptation ability, have certain drought resistance, and if not carried on watering in the short term, it won't wither and die. So in at ordinary times we need watering properly.. In the growing season, it can be watered every 3 ~ 5 days. In summer it can be watered every day 2 ~ 3 times or so, keeping basin soil moist.

4. Fertilize regularly

Magnolia is a fattening plant, the application of nitrogen should be reduced in the initial stage of growth, the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be mainly in the peak season, the application of composting should be applied 2 ~ 3 times in October-November, the application of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer should be applied 2 ~ 4 times after flowers, the application of fertilizer should be reduced in the dry season, and the application of water should be added after fertilization to prevent root rot.