How to care for lipstick plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 20 2021

How to care for lipstick plant

The flower crown of Lipstick Plant is tubular, bright and beautiful, so it gets its name from Lipstick. In addition, Lipstick Plant is suitable for potting and hanging, which is an excellent variety for viewing leaves and flowers. In this article we will share the Lipstick Plant care guide. (Find more best indoor hanging plants here.)

Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant care for leaves yellowing

1. Watering  

The basin soil is not dry and poured on, causing the basin soil to be wet and dry, which will also cause its root rot and leaves yellow or even fallen leaves, etc. We should immediately stop watering, and put the pot soil removed ventilation and the rotting root system cut off spraying carbendazim, watering to master the principle of "watering when the soil is dry and stop when the soil is wet". Do not water too often.

2. The air humidity

If you are exposed to direct sunlight and the air is dry, one of the causes of brown plant leaves in Lipstick plants is brown. It should be placed in a cool and ventilated place or a semi-shady environment, and pay attention to maintain the humidity of the air environment, regularly spray moisture to the leaf. Avoid continuous high temperature and humidity, drainage, poor ventilation will cause root rot.

3. Light

Although lLipstick plants like half shade environments, if the long-term location of light is too strong or insufficient, the leaves will easily become light green or yellow green, lack vitality, lose their due ornamental value, or even die of wither. We should take out free time every day to put the Lipstick plants in the sun for a few hours, but not too much exposure in the sun, otherwise it will cause leaves to yellow.

4. The temperature  

Lipstick plant is a tropical plant. It likes warm weather and is afraid of the cold. If the temperature is too low for a long time, it is easy to cause leaves to fall off and branches to become dry. When we find the leaves yellowing, it should be timely to raise room temperature, and do cold measures, and we can give flowers cover on plastic film, and regularly uncovered breathable. Wait until the temperature returns to the appropriate temperature and then remove the film.

5. Proper fertilization

Excessive fertilization causes the leaves to turn yellow. Fertilization exceeds the requirements of the plant. At first, the leaves are bright and uneven, and then the roots rot and the leaves are yellow. We should stop fertilizing, irrigate water more, or turn over the basin to clean the root, change new soil.

Lipstick Plant
Lipstick plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Lipstick plant care for flower bud falling off 

The soil in the plant pot of Lipstick should be slightly acidic, otherwise the growth will be blocked and the flowering will be very rare. Basin soil can be mixed with peat moss, leaf rot soil, sand, loam, so that it can achieve the purpose of being loose and breathable.

The temperature should be kept above 24℃ in the daytime and between 18℃ and 21℃ at night. The temperature difference should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to cause falling flowers and buds. If the winter temperature is too low, it will hinder the growth and flowering of Lipstick plants.

With acid water (such as natural rain water) irrigation is good. Excessive dryness or wetness can cause falling flowers and buds.

Pruning Lipstick plants once they have grown in shades of brown or brown will take one inch or so from the roots of your plants in this way.

Lipstick Plant