How to grow and care for Lipstick plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 20 2021

How to grow and care for Lipstick plant

In recent years, Lipstick plant is an excellent hanging plant introduced into China. It has beautiful shape, luxe stems and leaves, and gorgeous flowers and leaves. Flowers and leaves are of high ornamental value. In this article we take a look at the growing methods and care for Lipstick Plant.

Lipstick Plant
Lipstick plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Growing Lipstick Plant

The soil

One of the best places to plant a Lipstick plant is in acidic soil. Peat, sand and vermiculite can be selected to make culture soil. An appropriate amount of calcium phosphate can be added to the soil. Or use a mixture of leaf rot soil and coarse sand in an 8:2 ratio, and then add a small amount of decayed animal manure or compound fertilizer for cultivation.


Lipstick Plant prefers to grow in a semi-cloudy environment. In addition to the strong light at noon in midsummer, adequate light should be given at other times of the year. When growing Lipstick Plant, If the light is too strong or not enough, the leaves will easily turn pale green or yellow-green.


The growth temperature of Lipstick plants is 18-30℃, and the optimum temperature is around 25℃. It's cold resistance is poor, and its overwintering temperature is above 12℃. When growing Lipstick Plant in winter, we need to put potted plants into the room for maintenance in time, and avoid direct cold wind blowing.If the temperature is too low for a long time, it is easy to cause leaves to fall off and branches to dry up. At this time, you need to raise the room temperature in time.


March to September is the growing season of Lipstick plants. During this period, the temperature is high and the plant needs more water. Therefore, the plants need frequent watering or spraying to increase air humidity. After autumn, gradually reduce the amount of watering to improve the plant's resistance to cold.The basin soil should be slightly dry in winter.


In addition, plant lipsticks need less fertilizer in normal times. Add some ripe liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks without lipsticks.

On the basin to add the right amount of livestock hoof horn piece and bone pieces for the base fertilizer, which can make it grow well. In the peak period of growth of Lipstick Plant, apply decolorized organic fertilizer every 15-20 days. After summer, apply potassium phosphate, such as 0.1 {bf} solution, decolorized fish internal water, bone water and other 20 times of solution.


When the plant is growing vigorously, the Lipstick plant can pick the heart appropriately to promote branching. After the winter flowering period, it should be cut off in time after the flower of the residual stem, and can save nutrients, promote new branches, so that its more pregnant buds bloom.

Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant care

In addition, plant lipsticks can easily turn pale green or yellowish green or even die in shade. When caring in the hot summer, it needs shading, shading in 50 {bf} or so, and try to frequently open the window ventilation. Or hang the plant in a balcony scaffold in the shade of a bamboo shade or in a window or window facing south. (Find more best indoor hanging plants here.)

Keep the soil moist after you put it in the pot in one shade of the plant. Do not overdo it in one shade of the plant in one shade of the plant in one shade of the plant in one shade of the plant in another.

Do not use wind to blow the branches and branches in plants in case of irradiance. Autumn weather gradually cools, gradually reducing the amount of watering and fertilizer.

Conclusion: Through the above introduction, we understand the growing methods and Lipstick Plant care. I hope this article can help us grow beautiful Lipstick Plants!

Lipstick Plant