Lipstick plant profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 20 2021

Lipstick plant profile

Lipstick Plant is originally from Malay Peninsula and Java and other places. Lipstick Plant is an evergreen vine that has appendages and are often grown in hanging baskets. The stem droops about 1 meter long. Leaves are opposite, leaves ovate, elliptic or obovate. Flowers born in pairs at branch tips, short pedicels, corolla tubular, bright red. Flowering is mainly in summer. Lipstick Plant likes high temperature, full of sunshine. The indoor temperature should be above 24 degrees during the day and 18 ~ 21 degrees at night. Potting soil should be loose, well aerated and kept moist. After flowering can be cut again, leave 15 cm, thin fertilizer top dressing. Spring cottage propagation is easy to live in. Indoor pot or hanging planting is of high ornamental value.

Lipstick Plant picture

Lipstick Plant
Lipstick plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

Lipstick Plant distribution of Origin

Lipstick Plant originated from Java, Malay Peninsula, Kalimantan Island.

Lipstick Plant morphological characteristics

Lipstick Plant is a subsidiary evergreen vine herb. Leaves are opposite, ovate, leathery to slightly fleshy, 4.5 x 3cm long, entire, mid veins conspicuous, lateral veins obscure, dense green, light green back. Flowers are axillary or terminal clusters, corolla red to reddish orange, ca. 6.5cm. The calyx is tubular, dark purple tomentose, to grow to about 2cm, corolla from the mouth of the calyx, tubular, bright red, like the general name lipstick.

Lipstick Plant growth habits  

Lipstick Plant loves the semi-shade environment with bright light, and can only receive 2 ~ 3 hours of direct sunlight every day. For indoor cultivation, it is best to hang in a south-facing window. The suitable temperature for growth is 21 ~ 26℃. It is cold tolerant, but likes a high temperature environment. Lipstick Plant prefers well-drained soil.

Lipstick Plant garden use 

Lipstick Plant flower crown is tube, bright and beautiful, suitable for pot (blue) planting hanging, for viewing the excellent variety of leaf, flower. (Find more best indoor hanging plants here.)

Propagation methods of Lipstick Plant

Cutting propagation can be carried out throughout the year. Cut the top 10 ~ 15cm long branches for cuttings, keep general room temperature, about a month can be roots. The roots can be transplanted in about 1 ~ 2 weeks. Each pot (blue) can plant several plants. Keep the soil moist when planting. Don't overwater it, or it will easily rot or cause falling leaves.

Lipstick Plant

Potted and Appreciation of Lipstick Plant  

In addition, Lipstick plant(Aeschynanthus pulcher) is a perennial plant of the genus Gesneriaceae known as Aeschynanthus pulcher. Leaves are ovate opposite, slightly fleshy, 4.5 cm long and 3 cm wide, thick green on the surface, light green on the back. Inflorescences are more axillary or terminal, shape resembles lipstick, calyx tubular, black purple black hair, very like the tubular shell of lipstick. The corolla is tubular, bright red, sticking out from the calyx, like from the tube of the "lipstick", so called "Lipstick plant". In addition to the shade of green leaves in Lipstick plants, the color of the flower is bright red and bright.Lipstick Plant is one of the best plants in the living room in Lipstick.

Lipstick plant is native to tropical areas of Indonesia and eastern India. It has been introduced and cultivated in China in recent years.

Lipstick plants love warm, bright sunlight and shade. Lack of light, it is easy to cause long branches and not easy to blossom; Too much light turns the leaves reddish-brown. The best place to hang in is one meter away from the south window. Potted soil had better with slightly acid, usable peat soil, sand and vermiculite make up the potted culture soil, add the right amount of superphosphate calcium.In addition, Lipstick plant requires less fertilizer in normal time. In addition, Lipstick plants can add a proper amount of animal hoof and horn slices and bone fragments as base fertilizer, which can make it grow well. In summer, it can be placed in the outdoor shade shade or shade ventilation, shading in 50% or so; The family that lives a building, can hang the basin below the scaffold that is in the balcony, shade is shaded with bamboo shade on its, or hang the basin to be in the side scattering illumination in the door window of south is sufficient place. In the bloom period of plant growth, use decolorized organic fertilizer every 15 to 20 days. In addition, the soil in the pot should be kept wet frequently. Do not add water in the pot in case of root rot. In autumn weather gradually cools, gradually reducing the amount of watering and fertilizer. In winter basin soil should be slightly dry, in addition to the bud before the appropriate application of phosphorus containing a little more fertilizer liquid outside, under normal circumstances should be less fertilization or no fertilization.

Lipstick plants are not cold resistant. The humidity requirement of air in Lipstick plants is not strict, so the indoor air is not too dry. The suitable temperature for its growth should be about 25℃, and the overwintering temperature should be above 12℃. If one finds that the leaves of a plant in a Lipstick plant become red, it should raise the room temperature in time if the light is too strong or the room temperature is too low. If the room temperature is too low, leaves will fall off and branches will dry up. If the room temperature is suitable, the flowering period of the plant in Lipstick will be from December to February of the following year. In this time, use less nitrogen fertilizer to improve the indoor light intensity and control the low room temperature. In this way, Lipstick plants can bloom better. After the winter flowering period, it should be cut off in time the residual stem of the flower, and can save the consumption of nutrients in their body and promote new branches, so that its more pregnant buds bloom.

In summer, in hot and humid weather, Lipstick plants are prone to anthracnose. In addition, Lipstick plant can cause damage to both leaves and stems. Often produce small spots on the leaf, and gradually expand the formation of yellow-brown round spots, seriously, so that most leaves dry black, the stem can also produce disease spots. At the beginning of the disease, can use 50% carbendazim 500 times solution or 65% desenzine 500 times solution control, at the same time to keep the cultivation place well ventilated, reduce air humidity, reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Sometimes the terminal buds of Lipstick plants will die for no reason. This is caused by lack of calcium fertilizer. In this case, use calcium fertilizer appropriately and the terminal buds will die away.

The propagation of Lipstick plants is mainly based on cutting. Cut 10 to 15 cm long tops and insert them in clean river sand, keep proper room temperature, root and survive in a month. Transplant potted plants separately, 4 to 6 plants can be planted in each pot. In summer, it can be directly cut in the pot soil. It can be done all year round in a greenhouse. 

Lipstick Plant